Will Solo Leveling Have TV Anime Adaptation? – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Solo Levelling is a novel series by Chu-Gong, which later received a manhwa adaptation in 2018.

Currently ranked #12 on the MAL Manga list, the manhwa has received critical acclaims all around the world, with ratings ranging between 9 and 10 only. READ:  Solo Leveling Season 2 Postponed To May 2020 – Chapter 111 Delayed Further

This overwhelming success has led fans to ask for an anime adaptation for the same. And boy, I think the day isn’t far away when this collective dream of ours will come true. Table Of Contents

Solo Leveling Storyline

For the hardcore fans of manga and manhwa, Solo Leveling isn’t something new for you, but for people who haven’t heard about it, let me explain.

will solo leveling have an anime

Solo Leveling revolves around the life of a hunter named Sung Jin-Woo. Several portals connecting our world to a world full of monsters and other creatures of all kinds have appeared.

In the process, some people acquired powers and the ability to hunt down the monsters, thus deeming themselves as hunters. READ:  Tower of God Season 1 Episode 1 Released – Crunchyroll Originals Our protagonist here is the “World’s Weakest Hunter,” barely stronger than a human.

One day, he finds himself and other hunters trapped in a dungeon of extreme dangers and somehow manages to survive. He then turns into a ‘player’ who can see an interface showing him several quests.

Will Solo Leveling Have An Anime?

So far, the news of the anime adaptation of the manhwa has been circulating among its fanbase. Well, the possibility of the manhwa turning into an anime is more than ever.

will solo leveling have an anime
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Lately, Crunchyroll has been adapting various Korean novel series, take ‘Tower of God’ for an example, and recently the trailer of ‘The God of High School’ was released.  READ:  The God of High School TV Anime Season 1 – Release Date, Trailer, Where To Watch, Key Visuals & Other Updates

So Solo Leveling might just be over the horizon. The heavens will rumble, quite literally this time.

Solo Leveling Expected Release Date

One can expect Solo Leveling to release sometime in 2021, possibly in the Fall of 2021, only if the manhwa is adapted into an anime this year. It’s just an estimated guess, though.

Solo Leveling Anime Petition

Although the release date of the anime also heavily depends upon the petition that the fans have started.

Some of the fans were so concerned that they made a petition regarding its anime adaptation and started sharing it everywhere. So far, the petition has already exceeded 100,000 signatures

It’s not a miracle to see such a tremendous response, people have been talking about manhwa adaptations for quite a long time.

There is also this subreddit (r/sololevelling), which started discussing the if’s and how’s of the anime a long time ago. 

Solo Leveling Manhwa Season 2

The Chimera Arc just finished, and Sung Jin-Woo was able to defeat the king without using his full strength. The main antagonist seems to be a demon though who is working from the shadows, and he might be the final boss.

will solo leveling have an anime

Currently, the manhwa is on a break for another month, and season 2 will possibly be returning sometime during May 2020. 

We will be moving forward with the introduction of National Level Hunters in season 2 of the manhwa and probably more about Sung Jin-Woo’s dad. The manhwa is enticing and thrilling, and it got all the elements of ‘how to make a reader go crazy.’ 

So yes, let’s hope for the best, and please Crunchyroll adapt Solo Leveling ASAP.

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