star martial god technique

Why You Should Read Star Martial God Technique?

Star Martial God Technique

Today we’re going to discuss about Star Martial God Technique or abbreviated to SMGT manhua. From its title, we could guess that it has something to do with martial arts. Frankly speaking, martial art manga, manhwa, or manhuas were quite a lot. Some of them were also popular such as Naruto, Boruto, Douluo Dalu II, Feng Shen Ji , and The God of High School. So, why you should read Star Martial God Technique manhua?

At a glance, this manhua was interesting due to its color pages. Most manga was colorless while most manhwa and manhua used color pages. It highly improved the reading quality of manhuas and manhwas. We don’t have to imagine the color of certain items and thus making the whole reading experience of manhua (and manhwa) to be more enjoyable. Regarding chapter length, this manhua’s chapter was quite short and thus create more cliffhanger (which I personally hate), particularly during an interesting fight. A short chapter can be good if you don’t have enough time to read long and heavy chapter or if you were reading this manhua while doing other things. Compared to some Japanese manga like Naruto or Boruto, I like this manhua better since its art was beautiful and it uses larger font (reading a very tiny font could really hurt your eyes, you know).

Now, talking about the plot, this manhua is quite interesting. Set in the historical era, this manhua tells the story of twelve paths toward immortality. It was said that there were twelve paths to climb the Tower of God and all twelve paths would lead to the legendary road of immortality. In ancient times, there were many types of martial arts but only three of them survived after the world undergone a terrible change. Those were fire martial art, dragon martial art, and star martial art. Generations of these martial art users were looking for a road to immortality.

This manhua follows the journey of Ye Xing Ye from the house of Azure Feather. This 16 years old boy was sent by his family to study martial arts in Heavenly Star Academy. His teacher, Chu Xian, explains about Fire martial art, Dragon martial art, and Star martial art and prepare his students to undergone an exam to find out about their talent. In the first chapter, we saw how Ye Xing Ye showed his talented self by sensing 6 out of 7 red soul crystal during examination. Ye Xing Ye, as a star martial art user, would be learning along Liang Yu and An Xue Yun. Liang Yu and An Xue Yun came from the main family and very different from Xing Ye’s branch family. But it doesn’t mean Xing Ye can’t dream big. He was looking for a path to become the highest God. Their journey in cultivating their power would be started from here. All in all, the plot was interesting and the visual was also beautiful. It can carry you to the world they lived in. If you are wondering whether you should read Star Martial God Technique, you can check it here.

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