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Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 462 Release Date, Updates and More

Versatile Mage Manhua

Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 461 Recap

Mo Fan was laughing and introduce both representatives to the big snake that suddenly appears. Of course, the representatives were shocked and asked to have a talk in private. Mo Fan and Leng Qing brought both representatives to the Ling Yin Enforcement Union. Mo Fan asked aggressively about their intention in bringing Xin Xia to Greece. But apparently there was a bit of misunderstanding. Actually, the Parthenon Temple was known as the best institution for healing all kinds of weird diseases and they claimed that they might be able to heal Xin xia’s legs. President Tang Zhong affirmed the reputation of the Parthenon Temple. Xin xia finally agreed to go to Greece for a year or two in order to heal her legs. Mo Fan said that he will hold Glorkian responsible if anyone bullies Xin xia in Greece. He finally said goodbye to Xin xia and saw her leaving at the airport.

Versatile Mage Chapter 462 Release Date

If you guys want to read Versatile Mage Manhua, this manhua released several chapters in a week. The latest chapters available were chapter 460 and 461 so we will probably get the new chapters next weeks. Keep checking on our website if you don’t want to risk missing it out! 

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