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Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 461 Spoiler Out Now!

Listen up, guys. Today we’re going to talk about the latest spoiler and review of the Versatile Mage manhua chapter 461 that has just been published! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we also provide the chapter 460 recap!


Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 460 Recap

In the private airfield near Kunshan, the representative told Xian Xia that they should head back to Greece immediately and they asked Xin Xia to go along with them. They will informed Xin Xia’s family later on. Xin Xia refused their offer because she need to discuss everything with her father and brother first. Not long after, someone appeared in the sky and try to prevent them in taking off. Mo Fan was flying with the help of Leng Qing from Ling Yin Enforcement Union. They have to face Digaeus, one of the representative from the Parthenon Temple College. Xin Xia contacted Mo Fan with her power and told him that she was okay although a bit confused. People from Parthenon College didn’t give her time to reconsider. Mo Fan was almost blasted the airplane with his fire just to get Xin Xia but Leng Qing stopped him from doing it.

Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 461 Review and Spoiler

Mo Fan was laughing and introduce both representatives to the big snake that suddenly appears. Of course, the representatives were shocked and asked to have a talk in private. Mo Fan and Leng Qing brought both representatives to the Ling Yin Enforcement Union. Mo Fan asked aggressively about their intention in bringing Xin Xia to Greece. But apparently there was a bit of misunderstanding. Actually, the Parthenon Temple was known as the best institution for healing all kinds of weird diseases and they claimed that they might be able to heal Xin xia’s legs. President Tang Zhong affirmed the reputation of the Parthenon Temple. Xin xia finally agreed to go to Greece for a year or two in order to heal her legs. Mo Fan said that he will hold Glorkian responsible if anyone bullies Xin xia in Greece. He finally said goodbye to Xin xia and saw her leaving at the airport.

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