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Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 432 Spoiler Out Now

Right now let’s discuss the spoiler and review of Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 432. You can also read the recap of chapter 32 below.

Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage Chapter 431 Recap

The old man Han Ji agreed to release Salan, but Mu He still hesitates to tell about the imperial tomb of the Qin emperor. He said that Han Ji will see it very soon before the night comes. Lu Han attacks startled everyone, and dark abyss appeared from a distance, ready to attack. Mu He then reveals that the greatest necromancer in history has placed the imperial tomb inside the dark abyss. Then, Lu Han and nether bone rulers are getting dragged toward the dark abyss.

Mu He says that he could tell another piece of information, but in return he asked Han Ji to release the rest of the authorities. Mu He also stated that Lord Salan is about to become a god during the festival. Han Ji then pleaded to Salan to spare the people in the city and he can take whatever he wants. Afterwards, it seems like Han Ji received a mysterious note from one of the guard.It is revealed that the dark abyss is deadly to everyone and no one could escape from it, but the people of the villages are the ones that could pass through the dark abyss because they are the descendant of the ancient king.

Versatile Mage Chapter 432 Review and Spoiler

Houzi remembers how his family could have the lineage of the villages because of the ash plum and the way his family took care of his grandfather’s body when he passed away in the past. He then would like to volunteer to try passing through the dark abyss because he is sure he is a part of the villagers. Mo Fan tells Fang Gu that he would like to volunteer because he has drunk the underground holy string. The other magicians then willing to fight, and some of them will clear the path while the volunteers will go through the dark abyss. 

President Han Ji prefers to escort everyone until they reach the dark abyss to prevent Salan from disrupting their plan while Hu Jin will be tied to the clock tower. Along the way to the inner city, there are a lot of civilians showing up behind them. It turns out that they will go out through the small gate first to attract the undead’s attention as bait. They know the consequences that they could be killed by doing so, but they all volunteered by themselves in order to help the magicians, and to save the ancient capital.

Where to Read Versatile Mage Chapter 432

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