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Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 431 Release Date, Update and More

Today we will discuss all about Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 431. We also provide the previous chapter recap for you below.

Versatile Mage Manhua

Versatile Mage Chapter 430 Recap

Mo Fan approached the museum in Bo City. He finally met Mu He, the madman of black Vatican on the roof alone after getting a note from a mysterious man. Mu He tells Mo Fan that he is about to witness a remarkable scene that will happen soon. But then, Mu He asks Mo Fan to pass a message to the old man Han Ji to save Salan. In return, he will tell them the imperial tomb of the Qin emperor, but Han Ji have to release the men elders and commanders first. 

Mo Fan assumes that Mu He tries to negotiate because he already knows about the decapitation plan. They arrive at the clock tower magic association. Han Ji agrees to release Salan, and he asked Mu He about the imperial tomb of the Qin emperor. Mu He hesitates and tells him that Han Ji will see it very soon before the night comes. Suddenly, everyone startled because Lu Huan – the captain of the imperial magician is making a move to attack. 

Lu Huan’s strength is on par with Han Ji, and it is almost impossible to win from him because he’s strong enough to take on the nether bone ruler all at once. There is a noisy strange creature with three heads flying above them. Lu Han is going to attack the bone ruler’s super spell. Han Ji then tells Mu He that it’s time for him to die, but Mu He said that the king’s tomb is coming. All of a sudden, dark abyss appears in the distance, ready to attack.

Versatile Mage Manhua Synopsis

Mo Fan is just an ordinary boy with ordinary life. One day, after he receives a mysterious pendant, he wakes up and somehow travelled to a parallel universe – where his neighborhood and everything still looks the same but with magic and magicians as the norms. His school has changed into a mystical school, encouraging the students to be a mighty magician to protect humankind from magical beasts and monsters. However, when most people could only practice and master a single major of magic element, Mo Fan finds out that he’s not like others – he was a Versatile Mage.

Versatile Mage Chapter 431 Prediction

It can be assumed that there would be an attack from Lu Han. Strange creatures keep coming, and the appearance of dark abyss may lead to another attack. The intention of Mu He was also unclear in the previous chapter. Will Mo Fan and the others will be able to handle the attack? Also, what is dark abyss and what will they do? We will find it out from the next chapter for sure.

Versatile Mage Chapter 431 Release Date

Versatile Mage Manhua releases two chapters every week. The latest update was on 17th May 2020, and the next chapter will be released next week. Make sure to check our website for further updates of the story.

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