Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage Manhua Chapter 410 Release Date, Update and More

Right now we will be talking about Versatile Mage Chapter 410. We will reveal its release date, update, prediction and spoiler. However, before we jump into it, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

Versatile Mage
Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage Chapter 409 Recap

During his journey to Bo City, Mo Fan, Mu Bai and the little man fight and kill a huge demon. They burn the demon down, and then it’s reduced into charcoal. The little man then dug into the pile of charcoal of the demon, looking for something. He found an undead crystal – a versatile material which can help magicians to recover mana for any element. Undead crystal’s effect also comes a lot faster than any other serums, which surprised Mo Fan because he never even knew about its existence.

They are about to reach Bo City, but barely reach the inner city wall. Meanwhile, in Bo City streets, chaos also erupts. People are hiding inside some sort of building with jail to avoid zombies, trying to not make any noises since it would attract the undead. Apparently they are trapped there and tons of undead are blocking every way in Bo City. 

One zombie managed to get into the building, and two magicians succeeded in killing it using their wind and earth magic ability. They feel relieved, but apparently there’s something more that approaches them. Soon enough, they hear a loud noise outside, and then the wall cracked – revealing tons of zombies that managed to get into the building, approaching them. 

Versatile Mage Synopsis

Mo Fan is just an ordinary boy with ordinary life. One day, after he receives a mysterious pendant, he wakes up and somehow travels to a parallel universe – where his neighborhood and everything still looks the same but with magic and magicians as the norms. His school has changed into a mystical school, encouraging the students to be a mighty magician to protect humankind from magical beasts and monsters. However, when most people could only practice and master a single major of magic element, Mo Fan finds out that he’s not like others – he was a Versatile Mage.

Versatile Mage Chapter 410 Prediction

Refers to the previous chapter, tons of zombies are approaching a group of people inside a building in Bo City. Are they going to make it out alive? Will Mo Fan be able to help them just in time? Surely it will be revealed later on in the next chapter. Also, since Liu Riu and Monkey are nowhere to be seen in Chapter 409, we’re assuming that they will appear in the next chapter and we will know what happens to them. 

Versatile Mage Chapter 410 Release Date

Versatile Mage Manhua releases every two or three days, and the latest update of Versatile Mage Chapter 409 was released on 14th May 2020. Therefore, the next updates will be in several days from now on. Make sure to check our website for further updates regarding the story.

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