Top 5 Manhua Protagonists with Great Strengths

Top 5 Manhua Protagonists with Great Strengths

If you already read lots of manhua. you must have one favorite protagonist who did their roles well. here is we will show the Top 5 Mahua Protagonist with great strengths. Is your favorite character included?

5. Mo Dao Zu Shi – Wei Wuxian

Mo Dao Zu Shi – Wei Wuxian

Wei Wuxian was the founder of Demonic Cultivation, and a former Yunmeng Jiang Sect disciple. Wei Wuxian died in the first siege of the Burial Mounds. He then returned to the living world in the body of Mo Xuanyu, who through a Sacrificial Ritual had summoned Wei Wuxian’s spirit. Wei Wuxian was super intelligent and creative. In just three months, he was able to invent and expand Demonic Cultivation’s powers to kill a whole supervisory office. Wei Wuxian had been the founder of this particular cultivation branch. Demonic Cultivation utilized resentful energy to assist the user, unlike conventional cultivation that relied on purging or suppressing resentful energy.

4. God of Martial Arts – Ling Feng

Ling Feng

Lin Feng was reincarnated from the modern era after a girl and a boy deceived him in his past life and sent him to prison for 8-10 years. After studying the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures and being cleansed eighteen times by Kalpa Strength, Lin Feng’s body became as strong as a Medium-Level Emperor’s body, and he also possessed the strength that could be as explosive as Medium-Level Emperors’ cosmic energies. With him, Lin Feng has spirits like the Celestial Fang, which is able to restore Lin Feng’s pure Qi. He also has the very rare Celestial Book Spirit, which contains spirit pages like Grim Fire, that burns everything in its path. This makes Ling Feng a very dangerous character to fight.

3. Star Martial God – Ye Xing He

Star Martial God – Ye Xing He

As the patriarch of the Azure Feather Family, Ye Xing has a certain amount of control over his clansmen. Ye Xinghe practices Star Martial Arts, making his skills useful during combat and healing. This is shown in his numerous wins against people of higher levels than him and healing serious injuries, as shown when he healed his relative’s leg when it was crushed during mining. The innate talent of XingHe for martial arts is immense. During the Heavenly Star Academy ‘s talent test, he was able to sense six of the seven red soul crystals, a talent said to be found only once every few thousand years. He also holds the Frost Dragon Halberd, a halibut containing the spirit of an ice dragon that was found in a cave when Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun and Yuning rested there during the attack. This is capable of emitting ample cold energy to almost make all three of them pass out and die from the cold. When Ye Xinghe was first used, he created a mark on his right shoulder that created a dragon seal. It is classified as a purple grade technique.

2. Feng Shen Ji – Ah Gou

Feng Shen Ji – Ah Gou

Wu Geng assumed the body of the dead slave, Ah Gou. Wu Geng begins the story as a regular child with no outstanding abilities, but begins to unlock new powers as he fights with his enemies, and he is tutored by both gods and men. He shows great endurance when he’s still capable of fighting after being hit several times by Shi Xing and getting multiple fractures to his back in his first bout. When he was younger, Wu Geng was always physically tough, and this was the first thing he saw when he was hit by Scarface and came out without major injuries at the age of ten. At the age of ten, Wu Geng is capable of hurting Scarface, a big-foot muscular warrior. As he grew up, he was strong enough to fight against the Sage Kings, knocking down Bai Lian with his “Hungry Dog Eat Shit” Kick, a feat in itself. He was also able to lift a few of Li Jing ‘s huge Smelting Aura fists. His grandfather, Fu Yi, imbued him with a fire mantra. He gave his left arm great strength and fire properties: he was able to damage Gui Mu and pierce Shi Xing’s skull with his imbued arm. He possesses Divine Power, such as Monochrome: a power that suppresses everything close to the user, which restricts and drains the vitality of living things, accompanied by the decay of all colours. 

1. Battle Through the Heavens- Xiao Yan

Battle Through the Heavens- Xiao Yan

Reincarnated from Earth, Xiao Yan was once hailed as a genius as a chid, but was called trash ever since Yao Lao resided in the ring his mother gave to him before she died. He then later sets out on a journey to become stronger. Since he’s been trained by Yao Lao, Xiao Yan can’t seem to be able to find a worthy opponent from his peers. He always fights cross-level, challenging those with higher level than him, and mostly succeeds. Not only his Dou Qi skills are ridiculously incredible, his talent as an alchemist also exceeds most people. He won the Pill Gathering tournament at such a young age, even defeating a senior who is way older than him. He even reached the Dou Sheng level, a level which destroying a mountin is as easy as flipping one’s hand, before the age of 35. If he wants, there are countless people whom he can kill with just a thought from his mind. In his body, due to his Flame Mantra, Xiao Yan can also carry multiple Heavenly Flames, something that undoubtedly cannot be done by others, since it is too dangerous. This makes Xiao Yan the most overpowered protagonist on the list.

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