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Top 17 New Romance Manhua in 2020

Romance Manhua is a genre where all people loves to read. here is we give you recomendation for 17 new romance manhua in 2020 . enjoy

1. Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

A genius medical doctor was imprisoned by her grandfather, yet unfortunately, after she managed to escape, she died in an explosion and crossed over to another realm. She becomes the eldest daughter in a Duke’s family with a miserable life. Everybody mocks her for not having a spirit familiar, but she will not just simply succumb. She also saved a mysterious illusionary figure of man in shackles, who seems to have mistaken what she wants in return for freeing him.

2. How to Love You

How to Love You

Follow Li An Yang, a guy who likes Qiao Shan so much, but never confesses to her. They become really close friends, and Li An Yang is the only guy who never backs down from her. For the love he has for Qiao Shan, Li An Yang wants to see her happy, even if he has to bear the burden of seeing her with another man. 

3. When the Angel Falls for Me

When the Angel Falls for Me

Mu Zhizhi has apparently gained a magic power after a car accident, which could exchange her soul with that of her pet by sneezing; a talking cat who can speculate on the stock market! Somehow, the one who got involved in her car accident – a CEO of a world-renowned corporation, hires her and cuts all her salary because she’s late. Will this handsome rich man be an angel or a curse for her?

4. Wedding Season 2

Continuing from the first season of Wedding, even though Mimi has given birth to a son, she refuses to be tied down by her motherhood. She’s hell-bent on finding out what happened to her husband and the father of her son, Yuan Qing. Rumour has it that he was killed in the war. But Mimi knows her husband, and he is too cunning to let himself killed for no reason.

5. Zero Lover

Zero Lover

A teenager who has passed away, uses the power of drugs to keep protecting his lover of ten years. But, he will not able to reincarnate because of this. What will his girlfriend do, knowing this fate?

6. Cute Princess Strikes: The Panda from Heaven Wants Hugs

Cute Princess Strikes: The Panda from Heaven Wants Hugs

Su Ranran was killed mistakenly after she just graduated university, all thanks to the King of Hell. To compensate, she was promised a new life as Ms Perfect. For some reason, instead, she becomes a fatty panda. If she ever wants to become human again, she has to revive a cold-faced prince regent. 

7. Bewitching Empress So Pampered by Her Tyrant

Bewitching Empress So Pampered by Her Tyrant

Liu Rushuang was nearly killed by his father and the head of matriarch in her childhood. After ten years, she holds the highest position in a renowned assassin organization named ‘Bloody Repose’, and seeks revenge. Unfortunately, she is hunted down by a tyrannical lord. How will this new problem pose a threat to her plan for revenge? 

8. No Way, My Best Actress Wife

No Way, My Best Actress Wife

The story of an actress who was just about to come back to the stage, yet she found layers of mysteries, conspiracies, and lies. She also met love that was once love, all the memories flooded back, and the realization of feelings she didn’t know. 

9. Strongest Son in Law

Strongest Son in Law

A fierce Mafia Boss’s life has turned into a life of a housekeeper with a wife. He does petty washing, cooking and other chores. But for him, all of these are nothing compared to his beautiful wife, he doesn’t consider this a loss. Follow their odd household, and see how the boss can manage his empire whilst busy brushing the toilet.

10. Don’t Mess with Mistress

Don’t Mess with Mistress

An ancient medical heir, reborn into a body of poor little girl who died because of strangulation. Her new evil sister is, well, evil. She keeps saying she’s stupid and laughs at her. She’d settle her problem with her in no time this time. In her new life, Lin Su Er only wants to live an easy life, but she didn’t expect she’d offend a most respectable man.

11. Princess in the Prince’s Harem / Wo Zai Hougong Dang Ju Ju

Princess in the Prince’s Harem / Wo Zai Hougong Dang Ju Ju

After being called ugly by the Emperor, Wei Yi Yi, one of the most talented and gorgeous women in the kingdom, decides to take revenge. She paints him in the most ridiculous and ugliest manner. She didn’t expect that the palace’s master painter would notice her. She then was asked to become his apprentice.

12. Soundless Cosmos

A life of a young lady is intertwined with a cold, distant grim reaper. He protects her in silence. Will the both of them be able to break through the obstacles? How would their relationship unravel?

13. 2 Ways for Lover

2 Ways for Lover

After her lover cheated with her big sister, Xia Fei refuses to be married off as a replacement for her sister, and goes out finding herself in between the love of two men. The decision she has to make is not an easy one. What will she eventually choose?

14. A Doting Marriage Dropped from the Clouds

A Doting Marriage Dropped from the Clouds

A girl trapped in marriage she does not want. The funny part is, her new husband Mr. Chu, seems like he doesn’t like the marriage either. She feels the illusion of being wanted due to his consolation and apologies. She wants to leave and she’s tried. Will she be able to escape? Will she finally uncover what her husband truly wants?

15. First Miss Reborn

First Miss Reborn

Imagine experiencing the pain of labor, then accused of infidelity? Because of defending her unborn baby, she is killed, and vowed to take revenge on all of them. God is kind enough to grant her a second chance in life, but she is back on this world not alone, a silver-haired guy with mask starts following her with unconditional help for her.

16. Wolf and Commander

Wolf and Commander

Xia Ge was going to escape someone, when her life was about to come to an end falling off a ledge. In that moment, she realized that she turned out to be a beast tamer who can control the demon race. Right before her death, Xiu Yu from the wolf clan appeared to protect her.

17. Her Smile So Sweet

Xu JingShu is only known for being punished out of math class. When the transfer student Chu YouNing, appears, he becomes attracted to Xu JingShu’s very sweet smile. He then begins to teach math to Xu JingShu on some afternoons. Witness the love story of these two unravels.

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