The Superb Captain in the City Manhua Chapter 156

The Superb Captain in the City Manhua Chapter 156 Spoiler Out Now

Let’s review and address the new chapter with the release of The Superb Captain in Manhua City Chapter 156. In addition, if you haven’t read the recap of the previous chapter, it is provided below.

The Superb Captain in the City Manhua Chapter 156

The Superb Captain in the City Chapter 155 Recap

The battle between Blood Eagle and Golden Eagle Li Yifei had begun. It seemed as though Golden Eagle was planning to use a sword technique, which resulted in the offending of Blood Eagle, who believed that swordsmanship could only be achieved by practicing hard daily. But, a few seconds into the fight, Li Yifei was able to land a hit. He even replicated the Blood Eagle Star Cloud Chop in just a second. But, unfortunately, Golden Eagle’s weapon couldn’t match that of Blood Eagle’s, and it snapped into two. But even without a weapon, Golden Eagle still managed to land a hit with his fists. Beyonce, the fourth Holy Ambassador of the Stick Organization, was leading the fight against Yin Tianlin on the other side of the fight. Tianlin appeared to be distracted by Beyonce’s sexiness and provocative clothing. Instead he pushed Beyonce, only to end up putting his hand and his head into the wall.

The Superb Captain in the City Chapter 156 Review and Spoiler

Now it is left to Silver Eagle Zheng Ruiming to fight against Beyonce and her companion who is equipped with a whip as a weapon. Though he’s alone, Zheng Ruiming doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. He takes the lead in charging forward and manages to avoid an assault by Beyonce. Tuxedo, Beyonce locks his head between her thighs as he demonstrates the double sword gesture and threatens to strike him down with her God’s Head Assault. Yet Silver Eagle once again manages to avoid her pinning and assaults. A woman with a whip moves a double sword, a bowtie, before his assault lands. The two women’s chemistry and combination of gestures are amazing, as Zheng Ruiming remembers Golden Eagle and Blood Eagle’s cooperation. On the side of the fight of Golden Eagle it seems that Golden Eagle is currently teaching some lessons to Blood Eagle, even revealing to his disciple some of his embarrassing past. Blood Eagle can’t take it any longer and his biggest move is shown: Extreme Mirror, Gray Plains. Finally Golden Eagle sees the parallel universe dwelling in Blood Eagle ‘s mind.

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