The Superb Captain In The City

The Superb Captain in the City Manhua Chapter 149 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be telling you all about The Superb Captain in the City Manhua chapter 149. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter below.

The Superb Captain in the City Manhua

The Superb Captain in the City Chapter 148 Recap

Li Yifei was looking for Mengxin in the vip lounge only to find her already getting caught. He attacked them while Officer Lin found another three terrorists broke into the room and would like to take revenge. Officer Lin then asked Ah Kuan to hurry up and leave. Ah Kuan then ran away to his younger sister who stays at home, and it reminds him of the past event where he was attacked on the street by three guys. The three guys robbed Ah Kuan, asked for some protection fee and Ah Kuan finally gave up. Ah Kuan handed the money to the robbers even though the money was supposed to be for the doll of the gangster.

He then felt sorry for Officer Lin for what he had done, but he didn’t really have a choice back then. Meanwhile, Officer Lin is still fighting with the terrorist. One of them is a real psycho, using a chainsaw as a weapon and slashed Officer Lin’s stomach. Caught up and cornered by three terrorists, Officer Lin is helpless. On the other hand, Li Yifei is still fighting. He then used the blood eagle trick to attack them. Then, there was a huge explosion on the wall. It seems like there was a figure in the fogginess of the explosion.

The Superb Captain in the City Synopsis

A retired yet charming special forces is targeted by evil powers and pursued by enemies all over the world. Behind that, he is also burdened with the mission of saving and protecting the loved ones. The story revolves around Li Yifei, a retired special forces who moved onto a small town in the countryside to start a new life. He was determined to continue the rest of his life as a normal civilian with a calm and laid back life. One day, he attracts his beautiful boss’ attention, and the story then continues where he had to face a lot of new things in his new life.

The Superb Captain in the City Chapter 149 Prediction

In the previous chapter, Officer Lin’s stomach was slashed with a chainsaw and she got cornered by the three terrorists. Will she be able to make it? Besides, it seems like Li Yifei had another plan to attack them, and he may or may not be the one figure appearing from the fogginess of the explosion. We will know what will happen to them in the next chapter for sure.

The Superb Captain in the City Chapter 149 Release Date

The Superb Captain in the City manhua releases two chapters every week. The latest update of the chapter 148 was on May 20th, and the next update will most likely be next week. Make sure to check our websites regularly for further updates regarding the story.

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