Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 281

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 281 Spoiler Out Now

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 281 is out now and here is the review for you! To refresh your memory on the previous chapter, we also provide the recap of chapter 280.5 to help you connect to the new chapter with ease. 

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 280.5 Recap 

Nie Li tries to assure the demon beast that he won’t go back to his words, proven by he’s not using his dark flame.  Then, Nie Li says he’ll use the demon beast’s blood and Du Ze to seal their soul together. No one knows what will happen if Du Ze dies. So, the beast demands if Du Ze is about to die, he needs to be let go. Nie Li feels he has to make his friends stronger to face the Holy Emperor. After that, the demon beast soul merges with Du Ze through his forehead. They head up one floor next. 

The observers around the pond are talking about Nie Lie’s sealing technique. Tianhun looks pleased because Du Ze’s strength will significantly improve. At the fourth floor of the Black Infernal Tower, the mysterious guy in brown robe is able to go up another floor. 

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 281 Review 

Nie Lie and the others are going up another floor. In the fourth floor, the black flames are even hotter. Nie Lie and Yu Yan will go up, while the others will practice in the fourth floor because they can’t go up anymore. Duan Jian stays with them to protect them. Nie Lie then walks up the stairs one step at a time. The flame on each step is really powerful, he feels like his soul is going to burn anytime. The martial artists who watch him are stunned. According to Yu Yan, this black tower was a treasure left by a pair of rivals who fought each other. Then, some spiritual gods changed it into a training ground.

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