Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 277 Release Date

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 277 Release Date, Updates and More

In this post we will talk about Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 277. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 276 Recap 

The guards realize that there is an expert who has a supreme talent. The group of Nie Li is also drawing their attention, because the guards consider them geniuses, and it is rather strange that so many geniuses are gathered together as one group. Everyone within the group of Nei Li manages to pass the test with flying colours. Yet, as suggested by his uncle Luo, Nie Li seems to hold back his power. Then, a few thousand experts out of two hundred thousand are moved to the eighth layer. In this second test, there is still no death, but if they are reckless the guardian says they will be permanently crippled.

Inside a black infernal tower, where supreme black flames and all sorts of demonic beasts reside, the contestants are to cultivate themselves for ten days and those who can reach the anatta mental state pass the test. Some who understand what mental state anatta is, charge directly to the tower in the distance. Everyone that has low soul realms get burned instantly by the black flame. The party of Nie Li seems to be fine, but then, as they reach the black inner tower’s first floor, Duan Jian starts burning. His realm of soul, however, is fine and he is even stronger.

Tales of Demons and Gods Synopsis

Nie Li was killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year-old self. Therefore, he was given a second chance to fix everything in his life, from saving his city and his beloved ones. Nie Li once again have to face the battle with the Saga Emperor. With his previous experience and knowledge from his previous life, Nie Li may have a rough start, but he slowly manage to become stronger as the time goes on. Developing the strongest cultivation technique and facing the hardest demon, Nie Li promised to himself that he will fight and settle all of his enemies in his second life.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 277 Prediction

Chapter 276 ends with Duan Jian as the focus of the story, in which he was burned with black flames. It is most likely that chapter 277 will reveal his fate and show whether or not the group is going to the second floor to cultivate. We may also have a hint of the next test, and even the ninth layer of the realm.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 277 Release Date

This particular Manhua series releases new chapters weekly. The latest update of Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 276 was on May 21st, thus it is most like the chapters will be updated next week on May 28 . Make sure to always check our website for the upcoming updates.

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