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Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 276 Spoiler Out Now

Tales of the Demons and Gods Chapter 276 is out now.  We ‘re here to give you a review of the series’ latest chapter. We also have a recap of Chapter 275 for those who have not read or forgotten about the previous chapter.

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua

Recap Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 275

In the preceding chapter, Nie Li and the others are already in front of the seventh-level entrance gate – the place where the power of law gathers. The door then finally opens and the guardian servants of the master of the nether realm welcome people. The guardian servants declare that there will be some special measures so that no one in the seventh or eighth layers will be dead.

The experts taking part in the selection of the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm asking about the first kind of test. The test began immediately after that, they had to inject their soul force into the reverse image spheres, and follow the fine threads inside. If they managed to extend the diameter of the sphere by one foot they were considered successful. There have been those who have struggled, but there have been many who have succeeded too, some have even managed to stretch it in diameter over a foot. Nie Li had advised his companions to close their eyes and concentrate better on the thread. Surprisingly, one expert has been able to stretch his sphere to 7-feet in diameter.

Review Tales of Demons and God Chapter 276

The guards notice an expert has a supreme talent. The group of Nie Li is also drawing their attention, because the guards consider their geniuses, and it is rather strange that so many geniuses are gathered together as one group. Everyone within the group of Nei Li manages to pass the test with flying colours. Yet, as suggested by his uncle Luo, Nie Li seems to hold back his power. Then, a few thousand experts out of two hundred thousand are moved to the eighth layer.

In this second test, there is still no death, but if they are reckless the guardian says they will be permanently crippled. Inside a black infernal tower, where supreme black flames and all sorts of demonic beasts reside, the contestants are to cultivate themselves for ten days and those who can reach the anatta mental state pass the test. Some who understand what mental state anatta is, charge directly to the tower in the distance. Those who have weak soul realm immediately get burned by the black flame. Nie Li’s group seem to be fine, but then when they enter the first floor of black internal tower, Duan Jian is starting to burn. However, his soul realm is fine and he even becomes stronger.

Where to Read Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 276

If you want to read Tales of Demon and Gods, you can go to webtoon or the others uptodate websites.

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