Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 276.5 Spoiler Out Now

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Chapter 276.5 is out now and here is the review for you! To refresh your memory on the previous chapter, we also provide the recap of chapter 276 to help you connect to the new chapter easily.

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua

Recap Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 276

The group of Nie Li is drawing the guards attention, because the guards consider them geniuses, and it is rather strange that so many geniuses are gathered together as one group. All within the party of Nei Li manage to pass the examination with flying colours. But, by his uncle Luo’s suggestion, Nie Li seems to hold back his power. Then, a few thousand experts out of two hundred thousand are moved to the eighth tier. In this second test, there is still no death, but if they are careless the guardian says they will be permanently crippled. Within a black infernal tower, where supreme black flames and all manner of evil beasts live, the contestants have to cultivate themselves for ten days and those who can enter the anatta mental state would pass the test. Those who understand what anatta mental state is, charge directly to the tower in the distance. Anyone with low soul realms get burned by the black flame instantly. Nie Li’s party seems to be fine but then, as they reach the first floor of the black inner tower, Duan Jian begins to burn. Nevertheless, his soul realm is fine and he is even stronger.

Review Tales of Demons and God Chapter 276.5

The story immediately connects to the last chapter, where the fate of Duan Jian is revealed. Turns out, the black flames cannot hurt Duan Jian. Instead, it helps him to increase the strength of his soul realm. The more the fire burns, the faster his soul realm increases its power, because he inherited the black dragon’s bloodline, and black dragons are the masters of black flame. After that, their group goes to the second floor. It only has around 200-300 people there. Nie Li can sense one person with immense power, and while he is guarding the group, he doesn’t want to start trouble. But, somebody actually tries to offend that guy by cutting him off at the stairs.

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