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Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 277 Spoiler Out Now

The manhua entitled Tales of Demons And God recently updated its chapter 277! We’re going to give you a review and the recap of the previous chapter below.

Tales of Demons And God Manhua

Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 276.5 Recap

Nie Li and his team approached the black infernal tower, and they were surprised by the amount of black flames which could burn the soul. However, the black flames won’t hurt people from the lower ranks, and only people with tougher soul can endure it. Nie Li and his team got inside and they seem fine at first, but then Duan Juan unfortunately got burned and crippled. However, his soul seems to be fine and he became even stronger by it.

It turns out that Duan Jian cannot get hurt by the black flames. Duan Jian’s soul realm increased as the flames burn throughout his body because he inherited the black dragon’s bloodline, which is the master of black flames. Their groups then approach the second floor with only 200 up to 300 people inside, and all of them are focusing on resisting the heat from the black flames. Nie Li then decides to find a place to cultivate since the pressure of the black flame in the second floor is too powerful. 

Spoiler and Review of Tales of Demon and God Manhua Chapter 277

Nie Li and his companion have reached the second floor. All of the people in the second floor are cultivating their energy since the heat of the black flame is quite strong. Nie Li and his team decided to cultivate, and Nie Li encounters a strange man with immense power who about to walk into the next floor. Some people including Cang Ming then followed after him, and there are 10 people in total. Meanwhile, Nie Li and his team are cultivating and concentrating, but all of a sudden there is an energy wave of law strength comes flooding into their soul realm.

The amount of energy reached 10 times of the breakthrough of Duan Jian, and they all try to protect their soul realm. It turns out that the immense power comes from Nie Li, and he indirectly helps them to increase their rank, leaving everyone else in awe. Nie Li then proceeds to go to the third floor. Surprisingly, the third floor is much smaller than the second floor, and they are greeted with the sight of a tremendous creature tied in a huge chain. What will Nie Li and his companion do next?

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