Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 277 Release Date, Update and More

Let’s discuss about the upcoming chapter of Tales of Demons and God Manhua chapter 277. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, we also provide the recap below.

Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 276.5 Recap

In the previous chapter, Nie Li’s group was getting noticed by the guards since it considered as a superior group with genius members. A few thousand of the experts are managed to pass through the eight tier. Nie Li and his team approached the black infernal tower, and they are surprised by the amount of black flames which could burn the soul. However, the black flames won’t hurt people from the lower ranks, and only people with tougher soul can endure it. Nie Li and his team got inside and they seems fine at first, but then Duan Juan unfortunately got burned and crippled. However, his soul seems to be fine and he became even stronger by it.

It turns out that Duan Jian cannot get hurt by the black flames. Duan Jian’s soul realm increased as the flames burn throughout his body because he inherited the black dragon’s bloodline, which is the master of black flames. Their groups then approach the second floor with only 200 up to 300 people inside, and all of them are focusing on resisting the heat from the black flames. Nie Li then decides to find a place to cultivate since the pressure of the black flame in the second floor is too powerful. Nie Li then encounters a mysterious person with incredible power who is on his way to the next floor, but then another guy cut him off the stairs. It seems like the other guy tried to cause a conflict with him.

Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua Synopsis

Nie Li was killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year-old self. Therefore, he was given a second chance to fix everything in his life, from saving his city and his beloved ones. Nie Li once again have to face the battle with the Saga Emperor. With his previous experience and knowledge from his previous life, Nie Li may have a rough start, but he slowly manage to become stronger as the time goes on. Developing the strongest cultivation technique and facing the hardest demon, Nie Li promised to himself that he will fight and settle all of his enemies in his second life.

Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 277 Prediction

In the previous chapter, Nie Li encountered a mysterious guy with immense power who was about to go through the next floor, but someone cut his way off. It seems like there would be a fight between them, isn’t it? Besides, the immense-power guy was seen showing an intent of killing Nie Li, and something obviously going to happen between them.

Tales of Demons And God Manhua Chapter 277 Release Date

Tales of Demons And God Manhua releases two chapter weekly. The next chapter will most likely be updated by the end of this week. Make sure to read Tales of Demons and God Manhua via up-to-date websites.

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