Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 274

Tales of Demon and Gods Manhua Chapter 274 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review for the latest update Tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 274 . We are going to give you some spoilers from Tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 274. We also give you the recap tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 273.5 if you haven’t read it yet.

Tales of Demon and Gods
Tales of Demon and Gods

Recap Tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 273.5

In the early chapters 273.5 Yu Yan came to Nie Li, he told of the nine layered Deathlands was a battleground between the demon beasts and mankind. Many humans have fallen,  she has to find them by tracking the aura, so Yu Yan could buried that human body. From there Yu Yan find an object, a known object of Nie Li, that thing is a soul mirror.

A mirror that can suck one’s soul. Nie Li said that there is another effect that mirrors have, but it will be able to get if Nie Li has reach the heavenly fate level. After that Nie Li gives a gift to Ning’er which he get from Xiao Yu. Then they Continue the journey again.

In the other hand. The Demon Lord and his men are talking about how powerful the top noble family can be until it presses Wugui family and exert so much expert from a strong family. They speculated that all was happening because they were successfully defeated by one of the children, Nie Li.

They also talked about Nie Li who is certainly following Nether Realm’s disciple selection. In his life, Demon Lord is very curious to join Feathers sec. He also thinks his journey in this time would be great if he had to deal with Nie Li.

Review Tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 274

In chapter 274 the story begins from the advent of Nie Li’s return which was greeted by Uncle Luo. Luo told Nie Li that a few days ago exactly two days ago where Wugui family stayed destroyed by people. Even Patriacks were arrested by them. You can read Chapter 273 if you want to see this scene.

At Nie Li’s tent thought to increase her strength before the seventh level opened. He uses the medical power of spiritual origin fruit to enhance his heavenly God technique. But not yet successful. In the end he only attempted to stabilize his strength first.

One day passed quickly. Nie Li and others are already in front of the seventh-level entrance. Place where the power of law is conregating. But Nie Li decides not to get in the near term. He wants to enter the seventh level when his entrance will be closed soon. What is the actual nie li plan? Uncle Luo said that Nie Li really has established her mind to follow the selection. So Tales of Demon and Gods chapter 274 ends. Sadly we still have to be patient to see demon lord and Nie Li meet in the next chapter

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