Star Martial God Technique Manhua

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 357 Release Date, Updates and More

Star Martial God Technique Manhua has been updated, and the Chapter 357 will be released soon! Here we provide you the recap of the previous chapter to remind you about the plot!

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 357

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 356 Recap

Xinghe entered the brothel in order to release himself from the stalker. There were so many people inside the brothel and therefore the stalker won’t risked doing anything dangerous. Suddenly, Xinghe heard a zither sound which stirred up his star energy. He decided to check it out. In one of the rooms, a lady called Yun Ling was playing the zither. She was playing Daluo Celestial Music which can only be heard by someone who already returned to their true state. Someone asked Xinghe to come inside rather than just standing outside the room. Xinghe explained himself as a passerby who happened to follow the sound of music. She invited him to stay and listen as well. Another young master asked Yun Ling to play another piece. She was about to perform The Tianling Fading Moon composed by Emperor Tianling. Xinghe believed that lady Yun Ling must have an exceptional identity since she was able to perform such a powerful music.

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Synopsis

There were 12 ways to climb the God’s Tower and it was said that all 12 ways led to immortality. Almost all kinds of martial artists compete with one another to reach the top of the tower. There were only three styles of martial arts left after the world undergone disastrous changes, these were Flame, Dragon, and Star martial arts. For decades, experts in these martial arts have been on the lookout for a way to gain immortality. This manhua follows the boy from Blue Carp town, Ye Xinghe, a member of the Azure Feather family. Xinghe is practicing he Star martial arts – one that was thought as almost extinct. He was selected to go to Heavenly Stars Academy as a representative in his family to improve his cultivation. In the talent test, he showed a special talent – a talent that can only be discovered once in a millennium.

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 357 Prediction and Spoiler

Xinghe wondered who lady Yun Ling might be since she was able to deliver such a powerful performance using a zither. We might be able to know who she really was in the next chapter.

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 357 Release Date

If you’d like to read Star Martial God Technique Manhua, you have to wait until next week for the latest chapter! In the meantime, please check our website regularly for the future update of the manhua.

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