Star Martial God Technique Manhua

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 350 Release Date, Updates and More

Since chapter 349 was published a while ago, let’s talk about the update of Star Martial God Technique Manhua today! We’re discussing the upcoming chapter 350. We also provide the recap of chapter 349, so you’d quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!

Star Martial God Technique Manhua

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 349 Recap

Turns out, the reason The Fengyi Divine Swordsman does not want to act against YingHe is because he does not want to disrupt the strategy which the Emperor has set into motion since a long time ago. Fengyi also says he can’t help Ling Yu eliminating YingHe, since YingHe is his rival and that would only make him feel worse. He says Ling Yu has to defeat him himself. Ling Yu feels he is far from being able to defeat YingHe.

To overcome this, his master gives him a primordial demon seed to increase his power, but he has to endure intense pain in order to gain it. On the other hand, YingHe is currently cultivating and he has a vision of the star pillars again. But, suddenly, there is a ray of light shooting the flying fish. It then hurts YingHe physically. When Xia YuNing comes to ask what’s wrong, YingHe is seen laying on the chair with perspirations all over his face.

Synopsis of Star Martial God Technique Manhua

In this world, there are 12 types of paths to climb into the Tower of God, and it is believed that these 12 pathways will lead to the road of immortality. The paths in the Tower of God are far too long, and people believed that the paths have no end. Meanwhile, in ancient times, there are various types of martial arts. However, the world has gone through terrible changes, and there are only three martial arts left, which are Flame, Dragon and Star martial arts. Through generations, experts of these martial arts are searching for the road of immortality. 

The story revolves around Ye Xinghe, a member of Azure Feather Family in Blue Carp Town. Xinghe practices Star martial arts – a healing ability. He was chosen as a representative to go to the Heavenly Star Academy to improve his cultivation. During the talent test, he revealed to have a special talent – a talent that can only be found once every thousand years. Ye Xinghe then determined to be the Highest God.

Prediction for Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 350

There are twomainquestions that came up after reading chapter 349: What will happen to Ling Yu? And, what will happen to YingHe? At this point we have no clue whatsoever what’s going to happen to the both of them. Will Ling Yu manage to gain a new power increase he has always desired? And what did really happen to XingHe during his cultivating? What effects that incident is going to have on him? We will definitely see these questions answered in the next chapter. 

Star Martial God Technique Manhua 350 Release Date

Star Martial God Technique Manhua releases one chapter every three or four days. We will most likely get the new chapter this week! So, stay tuned on our website if you don’t wanna miss it out!

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