Star Martial God Technique Manhua

Star Martial God Technique Manhua Chapter 346 Release Dates, Updates and More

Today we will give you the newest update of Star Martial God Technique Manhua. We also provide the recap of the previous chapter below.

Star Martial God Technique Manhua

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 345 Recap

Ye Xinghe managed to defeat the Sixth Prince with just one move. The Sixth Prince then instructed the black feather guard to kill Ye Xinghe and fainted. The black feather guard then told Xinghe it’s impossible to leave the imperial capital alive because he had injured the Sixth Prince earlier. Xinghe challenged the guard to attack him, and the guard didn’t hesitate to attack Xinghe. However, Xinghe directly attacked him using heavenly soul break technique and startled him. 

The black feather guard then admits defeat to Xinghe, saying that neither of them actually stands to benefit from the fighting and Xinghe agrees. Xinghe then asked Xueyun to go with him, but she refused. Xueyun said that she’s doing fine in the Youlan Palace right now. Besides, she’s there to carry on a mission to investigate the Zhou Dynasty’s imperial family alongside with other several elders who came with her. Xueyun also said that neither of them will be able to bear the consequences since Youlan palace is too powerful. Xueyun then did something that startled Xinghe. The next day, Xinghe wakes up to a note by Xueyun. Xueyun may have left him but she reminds him that there will be someone who loves him. In the last scene, it seems like Xueyun has left to do something. 

Star Martial God Technique Synopsis

In this world, there are 12 types of paths to climb into the Tower of God, and it is believed that these 12 pathways will lead to the road of immortality. The paths in the Tower of God are far too long, and people believed that the paths have no end. Meanwhile, in ancient times, there are various types of martial arts. However, the world has gone through terrible changes, and there are only three martial arts left, which are Flame, Dragon and Star martial arts. Through generations, experts of these martial arts are searching for the road of immortality. 

The story revolves around Ye Xinghe, a member of Azure Feather Family in Blue Carp Town. Xinghe practices Star martial arts – a healing ability. He was chosen as a representative to go to the Heavenly Star Academy to improve his cultivation. During the talent test, he revealed to have a special talent – a talent that can only be found once every thousand years. Ye Xinghe then determined to be the Highest God.

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 346 Prediction

From the previous chapter, the reason why Xueyun left Xinghe is still pretty unclear. We also don’t know what happened before Xinghe falls asleep in the previous chapter. So, what is going to happen with both of them? And, what is the real reason for Xueyun to leave Xinghe? We will know it in the next chapter for sure.

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 346 Release Date

Star Martial Gold Technique Manhua releases two chapters every week. The latest update was on 17th May 2020, and the next chapter will be released next week. Feel free to check our websites regularly for the upcoming updates of the manhua.

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