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Spoiler Yuan Zun Manhua Chapter 282.5 Release Date and More

Hello guys. What an interesting day! Today we’re gonna discuss Yuan Zun Manhua Chapter 282. Are you getting interested yet? Well, suit yourself then, for we will have a recap on the previous chapter. Let’s go!

Yuan Zun Manhua

Yuan Zun Manhua Chapter 282 Recap

The Sect Master of the Sacred Palace called three of the Sacred Palace’s Chosen. He then ordered them to capture Zhou Yuan when they meet him in the Mythic Utopia. When the leader of the Sacred Palace’s Chosen, Jiang Taishen, asked whether they need to capture Zhou Yuan alive or dead. The Sect Master of the Sacred Palace answered that he doesn’t care whether Zhou Yuan dead or alive, but the most important thing is that they must bring him back to the Sacred Palace. After the three chosen left that place, Wu Huang showed up. The Sect Master of the Sacred Palace then told him that the reason he didn’t let him go to capture Zhou Yuan personally was that Wu Huang is too important for the Sacred Palace.

Yuan Zun Manhua Synopsis

Heaven and earth are furnaces, all living things are coal, and Yin and Yang are fire. There is a fight for fate, fate, and luck between the Serpent and the Holy St. Dragon. After all of it is said and done, will the Serpent emerge triumphantly, or will the Holy Dragon rise above all sentient beings? The universe revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can lift mountains and seas and turn the sky upside down. All who wield power have the right to own the Yin and Yang of the Universe. Zhou Yuan holds a pen as the dragon is dancing. Chaos fills the earth, lightning clouds the sky. Will the serpent swallow the dragon in this world, or will the dragon rise?

Yuan Zun Manhua Chapter 282.5 Spoiler

Why is the sect master of the Sacred Palace want to capture Zhou Yuan? Is this because he is the enemy of Wu Huang? And when will the Cangxuan Sect start to move to the Mythic Utopia? Let’s find out the answers in the next chapter of Yuan Zun Manhua!

Yuan Zun Manhua Chapter 282.5 Release Date

See guys? This manhua is getting tense! You must read Yuan Zun Manhua chapter 282 right now to feel the fun yourself. Because chapter 282 has just been released today, we need some time before we can read chapter 282.5, but it will soon be out. If you are curious, you can read Yuan Zun Manhua on any website to read comics out there. Remember to always visit this website!

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