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Spoiler The Last Human Manhua Chapter 376 Release Date and More

In this article we’re going to discuss about chapter 376 of The Last Human Manhua prediction and release date. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, we’re also giving a rundown of the chapter 375!

Recap of The Last Human Manhua Chapter 375

The girl zombie was killed by people that were looking for Tianchen. These people were trying to save Tianchen. In the meantime, Tianchen was almost run out of energy fighting with the Zombie Monster. They both got each of the meteorite stones and quickly absorb it. Tiancheng realized that his body was not strong enough that the meteorite stone was ripping his body apart. However, he then tried to calm down and meditate to absorb the meteorite stone completely.

The Last Human Manhua Synopsis     

Zuo Tianchen is the last human to live in a mutated city infested with zombies. Only when he’s sure he’s going to die, he finds his soul coming back to just ten years ago, just before that ill-fated day. He swears that this time around, he will protect the ones that are precious to him and reunite with his former lover. See his challenges in his mind for the next ten years, ready to live!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 376 Prediction and Spoiler

Tianchen will get some immense power in the future. This meteorite stone is just a beginning of his great powers. The next chapter will surely be more interesting than now. Let’s keep reading this manhua.

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 376 Release Date

Well, well, well, the story ain’t got nothing but better and better, right? you can read The Last Human Manhua chapter 375 which was just released today. You need to understand the chapter first while waiting for chapter 376 coming. Besides, chapter 376 will not be released until next week obviously. So, without further ado, read The Last Human Manhua on your favorite website. Kindly check this site everytime!

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