The Last Human Manhua

Spoiler The Last Human Manhua Chapter 341 Release Date and More

Hello, readers! The Last Human manhua chapter 341 is coming this week. While we wait, let’s discuss some things like the recap of chapter 340 and later I’ll inform you when chapter 341 will come. Let’s go!

The Last Human Manhua

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 340 Recap

When Tiancheng and Tinyu were discussing the Huxin Island, Lin Wei suddenly came. Then, Tiancheng asked Lin Wei to tell him about the situation on the island. Subsequently, Tinyu asked Lin Wei to take care of the problem and Tiancheng volunteered to help. The next day, Lin Wei and Tiancheng brought two more people. Turned out, it was all Tiancheng’s plan to bait the hiding monster. As Wu Yi and Bruce were making noise, the Hiding monster suddenly appeared attacking Tiancheng.

The Last Human Manhua Synopsis

Zuo Tianchen is the last human living in a mutated town infested with zombies. Just when he was sure he will die, he finds his soul returning to just ten years earlier, just before that ill-fated day. He swears that this time around he will protect the people that are important to him, and reunite with his past lover. See his struggles with his mind of the next ten years ready to survive!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 341 Spoiler

In the next chapter, Tiancheng will deliberately kill the hiding monster. Although it is gonna be tricky, because the monster is transparent, Tiancheng will eventually win. The next chapter is going to be so cool.

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 341 Release Date

If you really crave for the next chapter, you first need to read The Last Human manhua chapter 340 to understand the story. Because chapter 340 was just out, chapter 341 will be out no sooner than next week. To get the fun of this manhua, read The Last Human manhua on any comic-reading sites now. Visit our site for more great news!

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