The Last Human Manhua

Spoiler The Last Human Manhua Chapter 303 Release Date and More

Hello, readers! The Last Human manhua chapter 303 is coming this week. While we wait, let’s discuss some things like the recap of chapter 302 and later I’ll inform you when chapter 284 will come. Let’s go!

The Last Human Manhua

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 302 Recap

Sang Biao suddenly arrived to help Zuo Tianchen. Zuo Tianchen then asked Sang Biao to hold the red devil for a while. When the red devil saw Sang Biao, it became interested in Sang Biao’s evolution. And the red devil decided to hunt Sang Biao because of it. Slowly, Sang Biao got pressured by the red devil. And when Sang Biao almost lost, Xuan Xuan suddenly appeared and punched the red devil. When Zuo Tianchen saw Xuan Xuan, he started to worried because he already told her to leave. Xuan Xuan and Sang Biao then fought together to face the red devil. But when the red devil wanted to counter their attacks, Zuo Tianchen quickly blocked the red devil. When the red devil started to mock him, Zuo Tianchen then used the meteor stone he got and tried to undergo a new evolution.

The Last Human Manhua Synopsis

Zuo Tianchen is the last human living in a mutated town infested with zombies. Just when he was sure he will die, he finds his soul returning to just ten years earlier, just before that ill-fated day. He swears that this time around he will protect the people that are important to him, and reunite with his past lover. See his struggles with his mind of the next ten years ready to survive!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 303 Spoiler

Can Zuo Tianchen defeat the red devil with his new power? And what will happen to Zuo Tianchen after he evolved this time? Find out the answers in the next chapter of The Last Human Manhua!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 303 Release Date

You can read The Last Human manhua chapter 302 right now! So, if you want to read the next chapter, then you must wait until next week. And if you don’t want to miss out the newest update for this manhua, please read The Last Human manhua on our website!

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