The Last Human Manhua

Spoiler The Last Human Manhua Chapter 284 Release Date and More

The Last Human manhua chapter 284 is coming this week. While we wait, let’s discuss some things like the recap of chapter 283, and later I’ll inform you when chapter 284 will come. Let’s go!

The Last Human Manhua

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 283 Recap

Zuo Tian Cheng’s plan to rid the Zombie Nests in Chu Prefecture finally began. Bao Ya San and the others became the decoy to lure the zombies. Zuo Tian Cheng’s plan turned out was to pit the zombies from different nests to kill each other. When those zombies were killing each other, Gao Fei started to blow them up with his abilities. While Zuo Tian Cheng and the others were busy destroying Zombies Nests in Prefecture Chu, back in the Observatory, the people there were busy inspecting the second meteorite. But when they were still calculating the time of impact of the second meteorite. Suddenly, there was a warning that the meteorite got accelerated, and in seven days, the meteorite will collide with the earth.

The Last Human Manhua Synopsis

Zuo Tianchen is the last human living in a mutated town infested with zombies. Just when he was sure he will die, he finds his soul returning to just ten years earlier, just before that ill-fated day. He swears that this time around he will protect the people that are important to him, and reunite with his past lover. See his struggles with his mind for the next ten years ready to survive!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 284 Spoiler

Would the plan of Zuo Tian Cheng to eradicate zombie nests in Chu Prefecture run without a hitch? Will the people in the observatory manage to inform Zuo Tian Cheng about the accelerated time of impact from the second meteorite? Is the Crimson Demon the cause for these changes? Find out the answers in the next chapter of The Last Human Manhua!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 284 Release Date

You can read The Last Human manhua chapter 283 right now! So, if you want to read the next chapter, then you must wait until next week. And if you don’t want to miss out on the newest update for this manhua, please read The Last Human manhua on our website!

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