Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spoiler Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 344 Release Date and More

Hello guys, I bet you want to know what will happen in the chapter 344. But, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter. Then, we’ll inform you the date of the release, so keep reading, friends!

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 343 Recap

Luo Yun was surprised because all of the outer gate disciples did not gather as told. Therefore, Luo Yun got an ultimatum to one of the disciples. He told the disciple to get the others gathered in a short amount of time. Later on, Qi Yang came out and turned out he was the cause of the trouble. He even embarassed Luo Yun in front of disciples. As Qi Yang told Luo Yun to go back, he got attacked by Luo Yun.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Synopsis

Chu Xing Yun, in his previous life, was an emperor who got cheated and killed by his partner. Surprisingly, his souls was transferred back to his 16 years-old self. Determined to not doing the same mistakes, he then rises up. Furthermore, he also wanted to revenge those who betrayed him. However, he became his weakest self although he was an emperor in his past life. Therefore, he must make himself stronger to achieve what he had planned.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 344 Spoiler

Qi Yang will be as good as dead. No matter the consequences, Qi Yang will surely be dead! Luo Yun will kill him in the next chapter.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 344 Release Date

What a story, right? I suggest you read Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua chapter 343 to feel the tense even more! By the way, since chapter 343 has just been released today, chapter 344 will come out next week. Be patient guys, you can also read Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua to understand the story even more on any comic-reading sites. Feel the fun, but don’t forget to check this website everyday!

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