Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spoiler Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 332 Release Date and More

Spirit Sword Sovereign chapter 332 will be released soon! Today, we’re going to give you a recap of chapter 331, to remind you about the story. We will also give you the date of the release, so keep reading!

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 331 Recap

The blue sword spirit is hopeful that she can take down Xiao Hei, she won’t give up that easily and keeps fighting. Then, she is shocked when she realizes Chu Xing Yun can actually see her. The other contestants have gone out of the water, and some of them are starting to lose their patience for Chu Xing Yun. Princess Xia is anxiously waiting for Chu Xing Yun to come out. That blue sword spirit has been battling Xiao Hei for a long time. She had to divide the sword body into two and condensed them in the sword washing pool in order to escape the disaster of their fight.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Synopsis

In the previous life, Chu Xing Yun was an emperor who got cheated and killed by his partner. Surprisingly, his soul returns back to his 16 years-old self. Chu then determined to not repeating the same mistake in his previous life as well as taking a revenge for those who has wronged him. However, even though he was an emperor in his previous life, the reincarnated-version of Chu is actually the weakest out there. The story of his journey then continues as he makes himself stronger and making everything in his second-life to be right and not repeating the old mistake again.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 332 Prediction

Right now, time is of the essence. The other contestants are anxious since Chu Xing Yun hasn’t come out of the pool yet. For now, Qingjian might still not do anything, but if this continues, something will have to happen. Will Chu Xing Yun and the blue-haired girl defeat Xiao Hei?

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 332 Release Date

Guys! Go read Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 331 right now since it has been published! If you guys would like to read Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Online, a new chapter is out once in a few days. Chapter 331 was published on September 8. So, we’ll likely be able to read chapter 332 in several days!

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