Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spoiler Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 321 Release Date and More

Hey, guys, I’ve some news for you. We are going to discuss about Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 321, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 320 Recap

Luo Yun has made a contract with the Spirit Devouring Phyton. In the meantime, a master from the Qin and Chang family was meditating when one of his men informed him that all disciples of Chang and Bo Qin family could not be contacted. This master told his men to contact their spy and offer him Xia Qingcheng if he could gather a hundred people in two days. Elsewhere, Bai Muchen told his men to go first and leave him and princess Xia alone. Bai Muchen was jealous of Luo Yun and attack princess Xia when they were alone.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Synopsis

In the previous life, Chu Xing Yun was an emperor who got cheated and killed by his partner. Surprisingly, his soul returns back to his 16 years-old self. Chu then determined to not repeating the same mistake in his previous life as well as taking a revenge for those who has wronged him. However, even though he was an emperor in his previous life, the reincarnated-version of Chu is actually the weakest out there. The story of his journey then continues as he makes himself stronger and making everything in his second-life to be right and not repeating the old mistake again.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 321 Prediction and Spoiler

Bai Muchen was clearly the spy of the Qin and Chang family. He had to gather enough men for the master of Qin and Chang family. Hopefully, Luo Yun was able to save Princess Xia before Bai Muchen did something to her.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 321 Release Date

Don’t forget to read Spirit Sword Sovereign manhua chapter 320 now! This latest chapter was released on August 7th. If there was no delay, the next chapter would be out in a couple of days. You can read Spirit Sword Sovereign manhua on any manhua-hosting website online. Make sure you check our website for further information regarding the updates!

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