Release That Witch Manhua

Spoiler Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 265 Release Date and More

Today we will be talking about Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 265, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 264 Recap

Otto had scouted the town for two days, but he kept on going to the market. He wished to see Andrea there, but never did Andrea go to the Market. Suddenly, Otto was caught by the police officers nearby for spying the town. Then, he was forced to see Roland. Seeing Roland, Otto told his real intentions of creating alliance between Border Town and Deegan Moya. However, Roland refused and instead he talked about the church power to Otto. He also said that Otto should send the information back to his empire. Thus, Otto went back to his empire a day later.

Release That Witch Manhua Synopsis

The story of this manhua revolves around a man named Chen Yan. Chen Yan was originally an engineer who lives in a modern-day China. However, after he dies, he travels through time and ends up as an honorable prince in a medieval-era world named Roland Wimbledon. However, the world that he traveled doesn’t look as simple as it is, because this world is full of magical powers and conflict between kingdom, church and its territory.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 265 Prediction and Spoiler

In the next chapter, Roland will invent something new. This invention will make Border Town gain prosperity. Well, if you want to know about the invention, you shall read the next chapter.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 265 Release Date

Chapter 264 was really fun, you must read Release That Witch Manhua chapter 264 right away, for it was just released today. Moreover, chapter 265 is not gonna be released until next week. So yeah, you still have time to read Release That Witch Manhua other chapters on any comic-reading website. But don’t forget to check our website for other news!

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