Release That Witch Manhua

Spoiler Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 219 Release Date and More

Today we will be talking about Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 219, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 218 Recap

Roland was seeing the past when Alice and the witch union decided to attack the demons. Not so long after, Bishop called Roland to go back from the memory. Seeing the pope, Roland was so shocked of what he had seen. Then, the pope explained to Roland the history of the church union. Afterward, he asked why all the popes now were humans while then the popes were witches. The answer was gonna shock Roland.

Release That Witch Manhua Synopsis

The story of this manhua revolves around a man named Chen Yan. Chen Yan was originally an engineer who lives in a modern-day China. However, after he dies, he travels through time and ends up as an honorable prince in a medieval-era world named Roland Wimbledon. However, the world that he traveled doesn’t look as simple as it is, because this world is full of magical powers and conflict between kingdom, church and its territory.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 219 Prediction and Spoiler

The answer is gonna shock everyone! Roland then will learn something out of the answer. Later on, he will do something about it. If you are curious, please read the next chapter.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 219 Release Date

If you’re curious about the next chapter, you must read Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 218 first. The latest was just updated, so chapter 219 would probably be out next week. You can read Release That Witch manhua on any manga hosting websites online. Don’t forget to check our website and stay updated about this story! 

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