Release That Witch Manhua

Spoiler Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 211 Release Date and More

Today we will be talking about Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 211, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 210 Recap

The police were helping the city hall as the refugees from the south and north arrived at the dock. Surprisingly, Roland was going to the dock as well. At some point, a refugee seemed so suspicious. The refugee said that he came from the north, but something was very suspicious. Then, one officer realized it and asked trivial questions about the north. Knowing his disguise had been blown, the refugee then attacked the officer. Later on, he also attacked Roland, but obviously failed. As the people were panicked, Roland said that the situation was now in control.

Release That Witch Manhua Synopsis

The story of this manhua revolves around a man named Chen Yan. Chen Yan was originally an engineer who lives in a modern-day China. However, after he dies, he travels through time and ends up as an honorable prince in a medieval-era world named Roland Wimbledon. However, the world that he traveled doesn’t look as simple as it is, because this world is full of magical powers and conflict between kingdom, church and its territory.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 211 Prediction and Spoiler

What will happen next? Roland will calm those panicked people first. Then, the assassin will either be jailed or executed. Let’s see which one is gonna happen in the next chapter.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 211 Release Date

What are you waiting for, guys? Go and read Release That Witch manhua chapter 210 and then you can read this section further. So, because chapter 210 was just out today, chapter 211 will be there a week later. If you are confused about the story, you must read Release That Witch manhua other chapters on your favorite comic-reading chapters out there. Please follow this site to get updated information every day!

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