Reborn 80.000 Years Manhua

Spoiler Reborn 80.000 Years Manhua Chapter 124 Release Date and More

Hello, fellow readers! We’ll talk about Reborn 80.000 years chapter 124 But, first, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter for this chapter is soon to be released. Let’s go!

Reborn 80.000 Years Manhua

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 123 Recap

Yang Chen successfully killed Ren Jian with one attack. After that, he started to walk away from the palace. But before he left, he told the emperor to guard the Qingfeng Empire to honor the late Chen Huang’s wish and the hope of the hundred of million citizens of the empire. Back at Yang Chen’s house, his aunt tried to stop him from leaving. However, unlike his aunt, his father chose to support him. And he even told Yang Chen that he was proud of him. Feeling touched because of the familial affection from his father and aunt, Yang Chen swore to return to the top. The Open Mountain School finally found Jiang Nan. However, he already lost his mind and became an imbecile. After hearing that Ren Jian also died in Yang Chen’s hands, Elder Qiqi decided to send another disciple named Gu Dong to the Qingfeng Empire to look for Yang Chen.

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Synopsis

Stardust, a generation of strong stars, died at the villain’s hand, then accidentally fell. He’d finally woke up after he slept for 80,000 years. Everything has changed. The four adopted sons have been the continent’s powerful men now. A wild dog whom he once rescued has been the supreme king of the demon. For 20,000 years ago, the Willow tree has become a master and a humanoid. Yang Chen feels that Yalishan is perfect in this New World!

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 124 Prediction

Elder Qiqi has sent another disciple to the Qingfeng Empire to look for Yang Chen. However, Yang Chen already left the empire. What will happen to the Qingfeng Empire after the Open Mountain School find out that he already left? Find out the answer in the next chapter!

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 124 Release Date

If you want to read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua chapter 124, it hasn’t been released. However, this manhua was released weekly and the newest chapter came out on September 4th. So you can read chapter 124 in the following week. Read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua chapter 123 on any manhua reading website. If you like to see more of this, you can read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua on our website!

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