Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua

Spoiler Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua Chapter 263 Release Date and More

Hello guys! So today we’re about to discuss Peerless Battle Spirit manhua chapter 263, but we need to wait before we do that. Let’s have a recap on the previous chapter first.

Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua

Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua Chapter 262 Recap

Qin Nan got the room number six in the auction. Not long after, the auction begun. The first item was revealed; it was the total recovery elixir. Since Qin Nan really needed it, he bid the item for two thousand arcane stones. There were so many items revealed and most of them were bid by Qin Nan. Finally, the most awaited item was unveiled, the darkflame sword. Qin Nan bid 7000 arcane stones for the sword, but other participants bid the sword higher. Then, the Sly Sword dominator bid for 9000 stones for the sword.

Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua Synopsis

In the Canglán Continent, only those who manage to awaken the Martial Spirit can step on the road of cultivation. Only those with stronger martial spirits may interact with the heavens and the earth in this universe. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to be a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awakening a Martial Spirit of Grade 1, which led him to be called garbage.

Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua Chapter 263 Spoiler

Qin Nan won’t let the sword slide easily, of course. In the next chapter, he will bid higher than any other participants. But will he get it? Well, that is another question. Let’s hope Qin Nan get the sword.

Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua Chapter 263 Release Date

See guys? This manhua is getting tense! You must read Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua chapter 262 right now to feel the fun yourself. Because chapter 262 has just released today, we need some time to read chapter 263, but it will soon be out. If you are curious, you can read Peerless Battle Spirit Manhua on any websites to read comic out there. Remember to always visit this website!

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