Metropolitan System Manhua

Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 334 Release Date and More

Today, we will discuss Metropolitan System Manhua. First, let’s take a look the recap of the previous chapter, chapter 333.

Metropolitan System Manhua

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 333 Recap

Jing Bai and Yaolan began their act of exterminating the assassin league. However, Safron summoned 6 kings of assassin to deal with Jing Bai and Yaolan. Knowing this situation, Jing Bai asked the System to teleport Yaolan. Then Jing Bai, single-handedly, attacked all of the assassins. In the end, Jing Bai was able to make Safron kneel before him. Turned out, there are two mysterious men watching Jing Bai’s fight.

Metropolitan System Synopsis

After winning from a high-risk casino, Jing Bai wanted to escape carrying a lot of money. However, he was then struck by a Truck. Instead of dying and going to the afterlife, his soul was transferred to a parallel world similar to Earth. Not unlucky enough, he then merged with his alternate pathetic self. Next, a mad God approached him and gave him a powerful bug ability in this new world. Being in the weakest form of himself, a big question of this manhua is whether he could be successful in this new world considering he had an ability to cheat in this world.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 334 Spoilers

Who were these two men? Apparently, in the next chapter, Jing Bai will make an alliance with another underground organization. To make sure of it, let’s read the next chapter.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 334 Release Date

This manhua’s story was so great! Surely, you must read Metropolitan System Manhua chapter 333 to understand how great the story is. Besides, we can’t read the chapter 334 just yet, because chapter 333 was just released. However, chapter 334 will surely be published next week. Don’t forget to read Metropolitan System Manhua on any comic-reading website. Be sure to regularly check this website for more info!

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