Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 309

Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 309 Release Date and More

Today, we will discuss Metropolitan System Manhua chapter 309. First, let’s take a look at the recap of the previous chapter, chapter 308.

Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 309

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 308 Recap

Previously, Jiang Bai defeated Marcus but decided not to kill him. He only told him that from now on, the Shadow of Satan must leave the Ancient Warriors Alliance alone. However, because Jiang Bai released the members of the Shadow of Satan, the members of the Ancient Warriors Alliance felt displeased with him. Because of this, their attitude towards Jiang Bai became less friendly. When he saw this, Jiang Bai started to threaten them a little, so they did not forget that he had helped them. When he returned to Tiandu, Jiang Bai, Meng Huang, Xia Yiyi, and Wu Xinxin went to a night club. Surprisingly, as Jiang Bai went to pick some hostess to accompany him, he saw a familiar face. It turns out that Wan Yingying works in that club as a hostess. When Jiang Bai asked why she worked at this place as a hostess, Wan Yingying told him it was because she was unemployed and needed a job. After that, Jiang Bai promised to help her. But before he helped her, she must quit this job. Suddenly some thugs came to that club and began to threaten Jiang Bai.

Metropolitan System Synopsis

After winning from a high-risk casino, Jing Bai wanted to escape carrying a lot of money. However, he was then struck by a Truck. Instead of dying and going to the afterlife, his soul was transferred to a parallel world similar to Earth. Not unlucky enough, he then merged with his alternate pathetic self. Next, a mad God approached him and gave him a powerful bug ability in this new world. Being in the weakest form of himself, a big question of this manhua is whether he could be successful in this new world considering he had an ability to cheat in this world.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 309 Spoilers

Finally, we will see some face slapping in the next chapter. However, will this incident bring a new problem for Jiang Bai? If you want to know the answer, then don’t miss the next chapter!

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 309 Release Date

Metropolitan System Manhua publishes its new chapter each week. And now it releases three chapters, chapter 306, 307 and 308, at once. Surely, chapter 309 will be released the following week. If you want to read Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 308, you can visit the manhua reading website. If you don’t want to miss the next chapter, please check our website to read the Metropolitan System Manhua.

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