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Spoiler Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 977 Release Date and More

Guys, right now, we are going to talk about chapter 977 of Martial Peak Manhua. We’ll disclose the release date and prediction of the next chapter. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first before we get into it.

Martial Peak Manhua

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 976 Recap

Ji Peng suddenly offered Yang Kai to enter the Blood Pool with them. When Yang Kai entered, he felt that the Blood Pool started to pressure his body with its energy. At first, Yang Kai thought it was painful. However, suddenly the pain disappeared, and the golden blood inside his body also started to change. Yang Kai finally understood that Ji Peng misunderstood the effect of the Blood Pool. The Blood Pool doesn’t temper the body. The purpose of this place was to forge the blood. When Yang Kai was busy absorbing the Blood Pool power, suddenly he realized that Ji Peng was missing. When they started looking for Ji Peng, Ji Peng then burst out from inside the Blood Pool and flew outside. After that, Yang Kai and the others finally realized that they couldn’t leave the Blood Pool, and the pressure of the Blood Pool also started to increase to the point it was hurting them. Then Ji Peng finally told them his real purpose in bringing them to this place. It turned out that Ji Peng was planning to sacrifice the four of them to the Blood Pool so he can use its power to achieve Origin King Realm.

Martial Peak Manhua Synopsis

Beyond heaven is another heaven, beyond martial expert there is another martial expert. Martial arts are eternal, there is no peak in martial arts. Yang Kai is the trial disciple at the High Heaven Pavilion and is unable to advance on the Martial Arts path due to his birth defect. His world changes after he finds a Black Book, the treasure of the Great Demon God. A Golden Skeleton comes from the text and is embedded into the body of Yang Kai. It fixes his meridians and substitutes his skeleton to enable him in practicing martial arts. He works hard and blooms as one of High Heaven Pavilion’s greatest talents. He kept learning how to become the strongest and put him on the way to the martial world’s peak.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 977 Prediction

What would happen to Yang Kai next? Will he be sacrificed to the Blood Pool? Or will he turn the situation around and escape from there? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Martial Peak Manhua! 

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 977 Release Date

Good news! Chapter 976 of Martial Peak Manhua is out now! The next updates will be out in several days from now. If you want to read Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 976, you can read it on any manhua reading websites. Don’t forget to check out more news of this manhua on our website if you want to read Martial Peak Manhua!

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