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Spoiler Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 155 Release Date and More

Hey guys, today we will be talking about chapter 155 of Magic Emperor Manhua. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry because we also provide a recap of the previous chapter!

Magic Emperor Manhua

Recap of Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 154

Huangpu Qingyun, who was enraged, came and destroyed Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng’s house. He accused Chu Qingcheng have betrayed him by opening her face veil to Zhuo Fan. When he saw how Chu Qingcheng protected Zhuo Fan from his strike, he became even angrier at Zhuo Fan and started to taunt Zhuo Fan to fight him. Zhuo Fan, who was beginning to felt angry, told Huangpu Qingyun to wait two more days, and after two days, he vowed to fight Huangpu Qingyun. When he heard Zhuo Fan’s challenge, Huangpu Qingyun started to lose control of his emotion once again and launched a strike against Zhuo Fan. When Chu Qingcheng saw this attack, she quickly tried to block it. However, Huangpu Qingyun’s strike was more powerful than she thought, so she was injured because of that.

Magic Emperor Manhua Synopsis

Since he had the ancient Magic Emperor’s ancestry, Magic Emperor Zhuo Yifan experienced the misfortune of his trusted disciple being deceived and killed. His cultivation returned to zero after he was resurrected, and he was captured by a heart ghost, who had no choice but to become the housekeeper of the lone eldest miss of the Luo Family. Between being a Magic Emperor to becoming an insignificant housekeeper, how would he come to terms with his “heart demon eldest miss” and what strength would he acquire to lead himself and the diminishing family back to the continent’s peak! 

Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 155 Prediction and Spoiler

How would Zhuo Fan escape from Huangpu Qingyun’s fury? And what is the implication behind Chu Qingcheng unveiling her face to Zhuo Fan? Why Huangpun Qingyun became so angry when he knew about this? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Magic Emperor Manhua!

Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 155 Release Date

Magic Emperor Manhua releases regularly, and chapter 154 was published this week. So now you can read Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 154 on the manhua hosting website of your choice. The next chapter of this manhua should be coming soon. If you want to be the first to read the next chapter of this manhua please check our website to read Magic Emperor Manhua.

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