Spoiler God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 118.3

Spoiler God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 118.3 Release Date and More

Guys, it’s about time we talk about God of Martials Arts Manhua chapter 118.3, since chapter 118.2 has been released! We also provide the recap of the previous chapter!

Star Martial God Technique Manhua

God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 118.2 Recap

Leng Yue is allured by Lan Jiao’s beauty. Then, the auction starts. When the event reaches on the eighth item, a bidding war occurs. The item is Moon-Breaking Blade, with a starting price of 1000 middle-grade purity stones. Leng Yue keeps raising the price, but Bing Yuan just won’t give up. After Leng Yue bids for eight thousand, Bing Yuan gives up. However, Lin Feng suddenly offers a bid for eight-thousand and one.

God of Martial Arts Manhua Synopsis

In this universe, all that matter is your cultivation level. Everything was decided with martial arts. Respect also gained through martial arts. Weak martial artists could crack boulders, while the strong one could cut off rivers and split mountains. There were also martial kings who can travel across the universe. Martial art will decide your fate in this kind of world. Those who are weak will be bullied and humiliated while the strong ones will look down on the world. One’s status will be determined by their level of cultivation. And in this kind of world, Lin Feng tried to survive.

God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 118.3 Prediction

The bidding war was getting more interesting when we thought it was going to end! Lin Feng issues his bid in the last seconds. It could be that he really wants to see how far the competitors are willing to bid for the item and matches the bid in the end. But, it could also be his plan so that Leng Yue would lose a lot of money. We shall see!

God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 118.3 Release Date

Are you waiting to read God of Martials Arts manhua chapter 118.2? This manhua will be updated regularly each week and the latest update was on July 29th. You can read God of Martials Arts manhua in any reliable websites. Make sure to check our website so that you won’t miss out on any updates!

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