Battle Frenzy Manhua

Spoiler Battle Frenzy Manhua Chapter 234 Release Date and More

Everyone!! Battle Frenzy Chapter 233 has been released! Now, it is time to talk about the upcoming chapter 234! Don’t worry, for those who haven’t read chapter 233, we also provided you with the recap from the previous chapter.

Battle Frenzy Manhua

Battle Frenzy Manhua Chapter 233 Recap

To resist Gui Hao’s attack, Wang Zhong then summoned the creature he got from the pyramid. That mysterious creature then sucked all of Gui Hao’s attack and surprising all spectators. After finished sucking all of Gui Hao’s energy, that creature then dropped itself on top of Gui Hao and released a fart that made him fainted. In another place, Enoch started to gave Solomon his report about the strength of the Freedom Federation young generation. He told Solomon that the youth in the federation were nothing, and he can beat them easily. When Enoch was still in the middle of his report, suddenly, the mysterious girl that has kidnapped Marco showed up and talked to Solomon. After hearing the report from Enoch and that mysterious girl, Solomon then said that soon his portrait will be spread in all of The Freedom Federation.

Battle Frenzy Manhua Synopsis

The sky with two moons; the spirit world with infinite possibilities; the lonely night, and the weird and enigmatic clown! A federation of more than 100 cities. Three of the great empires. A world where monsters are running wild. It is the age in which heroes are born, in which humanity is struggling to take back the world!

Battle Frenzy Manhua Chapter 234 Prediction

The Tianjin Team finally defeated Team Ghost Emperor. Who will be their next opponent in the CHF tournament? The Empire turns out to be having the ambition to conquer the Freedom Federation. Will the Freedom Federation able to find out about the people that Solomon had sent? Find out the answer in the next chapter!

Battle Frenzy Manhua Chapter 234 Release Date

You can read Battle Frenzy Manhua Chapter 233 right now guys! It’s been released! Battle Frenzy releases one chapter every three or four days. Since the latest chapters were released this week, it is likely that we will be able to read Battle Frenzy Manhua Online’s next chapter in less than a week. So stay tuned!

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