Apotheosis Manhua

Spoiler Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 743 Release Date and More

Good day! Today, we will give you insights of Apotheosis Manhua chapter 743. First, let’s have a recap on what happened in chapter 742.

Apotheosis Manhua

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 742 Recap

When Luo Zheng would continue finding the way out, he found himself surrounded by demon badgers. However, Luo Zheng could wipe them all quickly. Then, Luo Zheng finally got out of the cave. Immediately, Lei gave another trial to the disciples. This time was the golden block trial. Some people tried to move a golden block. Lin Meng was able to move the block by seven feet. Now, it was Luo Zheng time to push the golden block.

Apotheosis Manhua Synopsis

It is the story of Luo Zheng, an ex-young master of Lou Family. His sister was abducted by a powerful force after something happened to his father, leaving him to be seized by someone to treat him as nothing more than a punching bag for a punching lesson. One day, Luo Zheng attempted to burn his father’s ancient book, and the gold parchment mysteriously climbed onto his body. The mysterious book, little he knew, reveals a hidden divine technique and gives him a mystical, immense strength. This Luo Zheng is the greatest weapon and mystical artifacts in the world. Luo Zheng then attempts to conquer all the enemies and obstacles in order to save his sister, Luo Yan.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 743 Spoiler

Come on, let’s guess how far will Luo Zheng move the block? Considering that he has drunk all the strenght water, Luo Zheng will push the golden block more than fifteen feets. That will be so great, won’t it?

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 743 Release Date

The story was going tense! You must read Apotheosis Manhua chapter 742 right away. Furthermore, because the chapter was just released, chapter 743 will be out next week. When it comes, read Apotheosis Manhua on your favorite comic-reading website. Don’t forget to visit this site every day. Good day, everyone!

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