Apotheosis Manhua

Spoiler Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 695 Release Date and More

Good day! Today, we will give you insights of Apotheosis Manhua chapter 695. First, let’s have a recap on what happened in chapter 694.

Apotheosis Manhua

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 694 Recap

One of the masters, Qinfeng attacked Luo Zheng. Luckily, Luo Zheng was able to block the attack, although his rank was below Qinfeng. Then, Han Ping asked Qinfeng to stop attacking and explained about Luo Zheng to Qinfeng. Moreover, Han Pin was also surprised to see that Luo Zheng used the Yijian sword technique. Later on, Luo Zheng was invited to come over the sword manor. He then met with Bi Feiyu who was so happy to learn that the Yijian technique was not lost yet. Then, Luo Zheng explained that Yijian had become a true god.

Apotheosis Manhua Synopsis

It is the story of Luo Zheng, an ex-young master of Lou Family. His sister was abducted by a powerful force after something happened to his father, leaving him to be seized by someone to treat him as nothing more than a punching bag for a punching lesson. One day, Luo Zheng attempted to burn his father’s ancient book, and the gold parchment mysteriously climbed onto his body. The mysterious book, little he knew, reveals a hidden divine technique and gives him a mystical, immense strength. This Luo Zheng is the greatest weapon and mystical artifacts in the world. Luo Zheng then attempts to conquer all the enemies and obstacles in order to save his sister, Luo Yan.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 695 Spoiler

In the next chapter, the true intentions of Bi Feiyu will be exposed. Is it bad or good? Well, it is still a mystery. However, if you want to know about it, you can simply read the next chapter.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 695 Release Date

This section tells you when chapter 695 will be out. But you must read Apotheosis Manhua chapter 694 before reading chapter 695 and following the story even further. If you have read chapter 694, well, for your information, chapter 695 will be out next week for sure. However, you can always revisit other chapter and read Apotheosis Manhua on every comic-reading websites available. Since our site always give information about comic, don’t forget to visit us!

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