Spoiler Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 667 Release Date and More

Good day! Today, we will give you insights of Apotheosis Manhua chapter 667. First, let’s have a recap on what happened in chapter 666.

Apotheosis Manhua

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 666 Recap

Lie Qianhan was seemingly so eager fighting with Luo Zheng, for Qianhan wanted to take revenge on Luo Zheng. After they talked about the past, Qianhan then directly attack Luo Zheng. Qianhan’s body was very strong, yet Luo Zheng was gonna fight Qianhan bare-handed. Moreover, Qianhan also wanted to end Luo Zheng with a single punch. To counter Qianhan, Luo Zheng used the technique of a dark star. However, his power wasn’t enough to bounce Qianhan. Then, Luo Zheng added more power and a big explosion happened.

Apotheosis Manhua Synopsis

It is the story of Luo Zheng, an ex-young master of Lou Family. His sister was abducted by a powerful force after something happened to his father, leaving him to be seized by someone to treat him as nothing more than a punching bag for a punching lesson. One day, Luo Zheng attempted to burn his father’s ancient book, and the gold parchment mysteriously climbed onto his body. The mysterious book, little he knew, reveals a hidden divine technique and gives him a mystical, immense strength. This Luo Zheng is the greatest weapon and mystical artifacts in the world. Luo Zheng then attempts to conquer all the enemies and obstacles in order to save his sister, Luo Yan.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 667 Spoiler

Will Luo Zheng win? Both Qianhan and Luo Zheng have a very strong body. So, whatever possibilites may come to reality in this fight. The next chapter will tell us which one is happening.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 667 Release Date

See guys? This manhua is getting tense! You must read Apotheosis Manhua chapter 666 right now to feel the fun yourself. Because chapter 666 has just released today, we need some time to read chapter 667, but it will soon be out. If you are curious, you can read Apotheosis Manhua on any websites to read comic out there. Remember to always visit this website!

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