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Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 285 Release Date, Updates and More

The latest update of Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua was recently updated, so let’s talk about the prediction of the next chapter, shall we? You can also read the summary of the previous chapter below in case you haven’t read the manhua.

spirit sword sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 284 Recap

Cloud Chu was injured and coughing blood after Blood Wu’s attack. However, some people of cloud dynasty start to give him their power, and the rest of them eventually started to raise their hand and inject their power into Cloud’s body, creating an enormous golden shield above them. Blood Wu was surprised and left in disbelief of people’s action. The golden shield evolved and transformed Cloud Chu into golden phoenix nirvana.

Blood Wu then threatens Cloud Chu, stating that he would kill everyone in the cloud dynasty by creating a huge purple tornado. They start to attack each other using their weapons, and Blood Wu destroyed Cloud Chu’s golden sword into pieces. Blood Wu then insulted Cloud Chu by saying that he has lost. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion from Cloud Chu direction. Even though his golden sword was destroyed, but it seems like Cloud Chu is preparing for another attack for Blood Wu.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Synopsis

In the previous life, Chu Xing Yun was an emperor who got cheated and killed by his partner. Surprisingly, his soul returns back to his 16 years-old self. Chu then determined to not repeating the same mistake in his previous life as well as taking a revenge for those who has wronged him. However, even though he was an emperor in his previous life, the reincarnated-version of Chu is actually the weakest out there. The story of his journey then continues as he make himself stronger and making everything in his second-life to be right and not repeating the old mistake again. 

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 285 Prediction

In the previous chapter, Blood Wu has destroyed Cloud Chu’s phoenix golden sword abruptly even though the sword was made off the power from the people in the cloud dynasty. But then, there was an explosion from Cloud Chu’s direction, and it seems like he has another plan to attack Blood Wu after his sword got destroyed. Will he be able to defeat Blood Wu and save the people of cloud dynasty or not? Everything will be revealed in the next chapter for sure.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 285 Release Date

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua releases 2 chapters every week. The latest update of this manhua was on May 27th, and the next chapter will be updated in a few days. if u want to read Spirit sword sovereign manhua chapter 285, make sure to check our website that will keep you updated about the upcoming chapter

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