spirit sword sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 284 Spoiler Out Now

Today let’s talk about the recently updated manhua, Spirit Sword Sovereign chapter 284. We also provide you the summary of the previous chapter below.

spirit sword sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua Chapter 283 Recap

Chu Xing Yun finds out that evil spirit has been attached to Blood Wu’s weapon, making it to be able to damage Chu Xing Yun’s spiritual power during their battle. Chu Xing Yun thought to himself that his opponent is still too strong, and his rock body can only resist the attack in a short amount of time.  Chu Xing Yun then observe Blood Wu’s body carefully, and he found multiple of small cracks on Blood Wu’s armor, even though it’s not broken yet, assuming that it has to something to do with his attack using phoenix’s blood blade. Blood Wu already got hit by Chu Xing Yun’s devil-sealing array, making him unable to absorb evil spirit anymore, and all that Cloud Chu has to do is to find a way to dispel the evil spirit in Blood Wu’s body.

They keep fighting and everyone was worried about Cloud Chu even though he managed to stand after every attack from Blood Wu. Then, Blood Wu attack him with his powerful weapon, making the ground split in two. However, it seems like Cloud Chu was injured because he coughed up some blood. Fortunately, some people start to give him their power because they wanted to help him. 

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 284 Review

Unexpectedly, everyone in the cloud dynasty thought the same and they all started to raise their hand and inject their power into Cloud’s body, creating an enormous golden shield above them. Blood Wu was surprised and left in disbelief of people’s action. The golden shield evolved and transformed Cloud Chu into golden phoenix nirvana. Blood Wu then threatens Cloud Chu, stating that he would kill everyone in the cloud dynasty by creating a huge purple tornado.

They start to attack each other using their weapons, and Blood Wu destroyed Cloud Chu’s golden sword into pieces. Blood Wu then insulted Cloud Chu by saying that he has lost. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion from Cloud Chu direction. Even though his golden sword was destroyed, but it seems like Cloud Chu has another plan of attack to fight back against Blood Wu. Will he be able to defeat Blood Wu and Save the people in the cloud dynasty? We most likely will know about Cloud Chu’s next action later in the next chapter.

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