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Return from The World of Immortals Manhua Chapter 90 Release Date, Update and More

Right now we will be talking about Return from The World of Immortals manhua chapter 90. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

Return from The World of Immortals Manhua Chapter 90

Return from The World of Immortals Chapter 89 Recap

Tang Xiu came back to his house, and Mrs. Miu told him that he got a letter, but the delivery man said he would know the sender after Tang Xiu read it. Kang Xia also sent him a package and told Tang Xiu to open it in the garage. It turns out that Kang Xia’s gift was a car key, and the car is already parked in Tang Xiu’s garage. Then, Tang opened the letter and found out that it was from Wolf who stated that he and his team members would like to follow Tang Xiu.Tang Xiu then thought to himself that he should start to cultivate himself, but he lacked high level-herbs that he has used before. Tang Xiu decided to open the casket using his vital qi to open it since it was sealed with vital q too. 

Inside, he found the spirit-lift elixir and a note saying that whoever opens the casket will get the spirit-lift elixir as a reward for passing through the test of fire kylin. Since he already got what he needed, Tang Xiu decided to cultivate himself right away using the spirit-lift elixir. However, as soon as he swallows it, the vital qi is flowing out of his body, making his body shift into his demon and immortal form. He was contemplating to deciding between cultivating into the immortal way or the demon way, and he thought of balancing them eventually. The next day, Tang Xiu browsed the internet regarding the rare ores. Then he decided to go to Jin city to get both of that rare ores so that he could use them to create the bear-ring.

Return from The World of Immortals Synopsis

Tang Xiu went through a ruthless betrayal by his friends and lover, and an accident made him mysteriously reincarnated into his previous body on earth. He spent 10,000 years in the immortal world only to find out that it is worth a single year on earth. Using his knowledge and ability, Tang Xiu then determined to go back into the immortal world to take revenge and protect his loved ones.

Return from The World of Immortals Chapter 90 Prediction

From the previous chapter, Tang Xiu was planning on going to Jin city to get rare ores, and he will use it to create the bear-ring. Will he be able to find those ores? Besides, Tang Xiu was thinking of balancing his cultivation method between demon and immortal way. We will find out whether he succeeded or not in the next chapter for sure.

Return from The World of Immortals Chapter 90 Release Date

Return from The World of Immortals manhua releases two chapters every week. The latest update of Chapter 90 was released on May 20th, and the next updates of chapter 90 will be released next week. Make sure to read the manhua from reliable websites and check our website regularly for further updates of the story.

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