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Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 153 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we’ll give you a review of chapter 153 of Release That Witch Manhua. We also have the recap of the previous chapter to help you recall the story for the next chapter 152.

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 152 Recap

There was the first ceremony held in Sleeping Town to honor and inspire those giving a great contribution to the town. In this ceremony, Roland Wimbledon would give reward to several people contributed greatly to the town. He would give each of them a medal, a hundred coins and five hectares of land. Roland told everyone that this kind of ceremony would be held annually. Everyone can give their contribution and receive rewards for it. The first reward goes to the commander of the first Rifle Company, Iron Axe, who always battle at the frontline.

The second reward goes to the head alchemist from Alchemical Workshop, Mr. Stile. Mr. Stile had helped in upgrading rifle used in the battle. Roland promised Mr. Stile to give him the Medium Chemistry book if he doubled the size of his laboratory again. The third reward goes to Nana, the witch. When she went up the stage, people in the square were calling her and invite her to their house. They were not afraid of her and instead feel grateful for what she did. Roland told Nana that she has become the representative of the Witch Alliance. Roland met Anna outside of his study room. Anna led him inside and he was surprise when he saw all the witches gathering in there and thanking him.

Release That Witch Manhua Synopsis

The story of this Manhua revolves around a man named Chen Yan. Chen Yan was originally an engineer who lives in a modern-day China. However, after he died, he travels through time and end up as an honorable prince in medieval-era world named Roland Wimbledon. However, the world that he traveled doesn’t look as simple as it is, because this world is full of magical powers and conflict between kingdom, church and its territory. Roland Wimbledon lives as a hopeless prince, but he dedicated his time to develop a better and modern town that used to be poor and backward. Roland also had to deal with sibling conflict regarding the throne for the kingdom power. The story continues when Roland had to befriend witches but still maintain his own moral and ideas as well.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 153 Release Date

Waiting for a chapter 153 of Release That Witch Manhua? This manhua got updated weekly, and the latest update was on June 23rd. So the next chapter will be here soon. You can read Release That Witch Manhua in any reliable websites. Make sure you check out our website so you won’t miss anything.

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