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Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 145 Spoiler Out Now

Release That Witch Manhua has released its newest chapter! Here we provide you the review of the newest chapter and also the recap of the previous chapter below. 

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 144 Recap

The priest found out that the black spot in the sky is a flying witch from one villager in the previous chapter earlier. Meanwhile, most people in underground organizations are thugs and hoodlums, hence that is the reason why their group isn’t well-organized and it is possible for any information to be leaked here and there. The organization is called “dreamland water” and they have been possessed by a certain power because they left their territory easily. Theo has to stay in the city to monitor the potion sales, and he is sure that the Rats will not be able to stop him from entering through the secondary gate. On the other hand, Lightning has back and reported to the witch union that the situation is still under control.

Meanwhile, a girl was spying the camp from afar, and she attacked one of the so-called patrolman volt, but she’s curious because he possesses great magic inside his body. Then, it looks like something happened to Lily and she got attacked by someone.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 145 Review

The mysterious girl managed to defeat the man, and then she attacked Lily. However, the mysterious has been stabbed in her chest, and she fell down and cannot move her body. She then felt disappointed in herself for letting Archbishop Heather down. Then, she had a flashback memory of her past, how she was welcomed by Archbishop Heather when she first joined as a member of the tribunal, and it was revealed that her name is Aphra.

Meanwhile, Wendy was protecting Lily and got stabbed in her stomach, but she didn’t get hurt because she’s using protective clothing. Afterwards, during the night before the return to the Border Town, the rats launched a large-scale night attack, but the battle ended before it reached the melee stage. Luckily, the First Army was able to defeat the rats. Lily managed to heal everyone who got hurt, and they buried the fallen soldier properly. Then, they are getting ready to go back to the Border Town and starting their journey to the home. Therefore, even though everything seems under control, there is a possibility for the witch union to get attacked again, especially after they killed the mysterious girl named Aphra who was related to Archbishop Heather. 

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