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Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 134 Spoiler Out Now

Today let’s discuss the spoiler and review of Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 134! We also provide the previous chapter recap below if you haven’t read it yet.

Release That Witch Manhua

Release That Witch Chapter 133 Recap

Everyone gathered and prepared various supplies for Maggie’s trip to the King’s city, from food up to pepper powder. Roland also sent a letter for his sister Tilly, where he expressed his desire of cooperation and wished Tilly to send some support type witches to assist the border town’s construction. However, instead of putting his name in the letter, he refers to himself as the ruler of the border town and the western region. If Tilly doesn’t let Maggie go back, then she would fly back right away without telling anyone. Maggie then departs with her form as a white bird. 

Meanwhile, Mister Theo was talking with Margaret on the ship. Master Theo was born and raised in the King’s city. When he asked about his feelings to return home, he actually would rather stay in a border town. They also talked about Roland and the rumors surrounding him and how he was always unpredictable. Then they finally arrived at the King’s city’s walls and here are a lot of refugees around the wall. They also talked about their plan to do something in The King’s city.

Release That Witch Chapter 134 Review

Before living his life as a castle guard, Theo was actually a part of the city control’s team. Meanwhile, the patrol team was in charge of an underground organization called ‘Rats’ The ‘rats’ and the city control actually formed a complex balance toward each other to maintain the order of the King’s . On his way, Theo passed through the hanging corpses on the street, and everyone oddly had no problem with that. Theo then arrives at his destination and offers a business involving a silver ring and earth pot. 

Theo also brought up the situation right now – where people on top don’t want any refugees from the eastern region anymore, and the relief food is decreasing each day. Theo asked the group of men to spread the news about the western region as detailed as possible to people outside the city. In return, Theo gave them twice-than-usual amounts of money. Then, Theo overheard that the new king ordered all witches to be killed, and those corpses hanging under the city’s gallows.

Meanwhile, Lucia White and her sister Ring were talking about the western region during their dinner. Then, while eating, Ring coughed and found a mysterious black spot on her palm. Then, the last scene of the chapter shows that a man has a strange disease where his body is covered in black spots – the same black spots that appear on Ring White’s palm. What is that mysterious disease and how could it appear all of a sudden on Ring White’s palm? 

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