My Wife Is A Demon Queen Manhua

My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Chapter 205 Release Date, Updates and More

Let’s talk about the story of My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Chapter 205 which will be released next week. However, before starting, we’re going to have a recap toward the previous chapter.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Manhua

My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Chapter 204 Recap

Those demons were defeated due to great teamwork between Xing Ye and Yi Bei. Xing Ye felt proud of himself, but Yi Bei warned him about the possibility of a ‘Pillar’ nearby. Yi Bei worried that they won’t be able to defeat the ‘Pillar’. There were 12 Pillars or the Elite of Demon Generals in the demonic tribe. Each Pillar’s strength was far greater than Rennes. Yi Bei told Xing Ye that those Pillars won’t be any trouble for her if she was at her prime. Suddenly, the earth was vibrating like an earthquake. Yi Bei hug Xing Ye and jump to avoid the attack. She was right. It was the Demon Army Rank 3 Pillar, Diamond Ballian. The Pillar realized that he just killed his own men. He was sobbing because he knew Queen Lilian would punish him. However, just a minute later, he was able to put the blame to Xing Ye and Yi Bei.

My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Synopsis

This manhua revolves around Xiang Ye, a lonesome high school student. His parents worked abroad for years and his life was filled with playing games. He planned to play games in his entire summer break. He fell asleep after playing games all day and woke up in another world. A demon queen, the seventh descendants from house of Osa, Isabella, was upset at her head priest for summoning a pathetic human from another world. They were trapped in a castle and surrounded by human troops who wished to eliminate them.

Betrayed by her own commander, Isabella Osa nearly lost all her power as a demon queen. Due to her diminishing power, she took appearance like a human. In a critical situation, the high priest sent them away through teleport. Xiang Ye met trouble on the way but he managed to buy some time and save himself along with Isabella by saying that both of them were slaves in the demon tribe and that Isabella was his wife. Their journey to survive and to help Isabella regain her throne as the demon queen began from here.

My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Chapter 205 Release Date

You guys want to read My Wife is a Demon Queen Manhua Chapter 205? The latest chapter 204 was published on June 26th. This manhua released several chapters each week. So, we will definitely see the new chapters soon! Stay tuned to our website if you guys don’t wanna miss it out!

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